Friday, April 5, 2019

How long until somebody whacks the fiberglass goose with a home run ball?

We got to see for ourselves in the Midwestern U.S. exactly why Major League Baseball schedules for teams to have an off-day the day after Opening Day.
How long 'til Honkers Ale goose takes a home run shot off the head?
The nasty weather conditions that show us winter chill isn’t quite ready to loosen its grip on us caused both the Chicago White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals to have to postpone what was supposed to be their first home games of the 2019 season on Thursday.

WHICH COULD HAVE caused a significant scheduling pile-up later in the season. But instead merely meant the first game of the season will be played on Friday.

By which time the chill and constant rainfall we got hit with on Thursday will be gone, and the weather forecasts for Friday call for partly-sunny skies and temperatures in the 50s (of degrees).

Compared to the wet and sloppy rain we had on Thursday, with temperatures peaking at about 44 degrees.

Not exactly torrential storms or the chill of snowfall (which have occurred on Opening Days of the past). But still, not exactly pleasant weather conditions to have to endure while watching a ballgame.

NOW I ALREADY can hear some rants from Chicago Cubs-type fans, claiming that the Sox and their fan base are being wimps. They can’t endure a little bit of rain.
Mother Nature postponed baseball for a day

Of course, I expect that fan base to always find something to complain about. Perhaps it’s all those years of rooting for a ballclub that thinks it’s cutesy to be called the Cubbies?

Or maybe it’s the fact that, deep down, they’re realizing their window of winning ways likely is over (or is that ovah, to quote the Hawk) and all they got to show for it is one lone World Series win of 2016 – no better than the one World Series win the White Sox got in this century (back in 2005)?

Then again, could it be that the Cubs’ 1-4 record thus far this season actually puts them behind the White Sox’ (with 2-3)?

ALL BOUND TO be material for use in rants by baseball fans of both major league persuasions in Chicago. We’ll have countless quarrels take place during 2019 about this – and many other, points as we try to figure out which ball club is more worthy of our attention.
Life returns to neighborhood near Armour Square ballpark on Friday
And it all begins on Friday, when Opening Day takes place for both the White Sox against the Seattle Mariners AND for the St. Louis Cardinals against the San Diego Padres (who may well be upset they can’t play the game in the anticipated mid-60’s temperatures that Southern California anticipates).

Which actually compares to the Monday anticipated sunny skies and high temperature of 68 degrees we’ll have in Chicago – thereby giving the Cubbie faithful a pleasant day to go to the ballpark.

Anyway, it means baseball is back in Chicago. Many of us will get the chance to check out the new attractions of the ballparks – particularly in the way of concessions.

PERSONALLY, I’M MOST interested in seeing the new Goose Island attraction that will be set up in the right field seats – a special section named for the Goose Island Brewery that likes to think it’s Chicago’s answer to craft beers.

It will be particularly interesting to see the 10-foot-tall fiberglass goose erected in the section. It creates a potential target for home run hitters – and how enticing will it be the first time the goose gets whacked in the head by a home run ball.
Vengeance for Rayner?

Which almost reminds me of Chelveston the Duck from the old Ray Rayner Show when I was a kid. Remember how that duck would become ornery enough that he’d literally attack Rayner, nipping at his heels, during the show?

A part of me can’t help but think that the spirit of Rayner would be extremely pleased at seeing the sight of that goose getting whacked once or twice upside the noggin.


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