Friday, April 26, 2019

Another month to go before we get a clue as to what will be Burke’s fate

I have to admit to anxiously waiting for next week Friday, the date that was a legal deadline for federal prosecutors to, as the crude euphemism goes, poop or get off the pot, with regards to Edward M. Burke.
BURKE: Feds get 35 more days to investigate

We learned back in January that a criminal complaint was filed against the long-time (seriously, a half-century) alderman – claiming that his conduct in dealing with the operators of a Burger King franchise in the Gage Park neighborhood bordered on criminal.

REMEMBER, THOSE OPERATORS were told about the types of campaign contributions they ought to make to certain political people if they wanted Burke, in his aldermanic role, to sign off on the permits required for the renovations the operators desired to make.

Admittedly, it should be noted that these operators were not from Chicago. They came from Texas, and it seems they’re used to being able to push political people around. Rather than having political people tell them what needs to be done.

But anyway, they turned to federal prosecutors, who then proceeded with the criminal complaint – all the while having their investigation continue. Theoretically, May 3 was the deadline by which prosecutors had to be ready to hand down an indictment – or else see their case get tossed out.

But on Thursday, federal prosecutor asked for more time. The request they made seeks 35 more days, which would make the new deadline June 7.

WHICH MEANS WE’LL have to wait another month to figure out what could become of Burke. Will the feds come up with a more significant case against Burke – one that could be much more significant in terms of legal consequences for the alderman?

Will they have to maintain the same legal case they’ve put forth thus far – that Burke was shaking down the operators of the Burger King franchise in his home neighborhood?

Or is it possible that all of this legal mess could wind up withering away into a big nothingness.
Couldn't beat Burke, so Toni taken down

Almost as though Burke would become the political equivalent of one-time Chicago mob boss Tony Accardo – who upon his death in 1992 had it noted prominently that despite the decades of allegations of criminal activity he was involved in, he himself never spent a day in prison.

BUT BACK TO Eddie Burke – who in some ways is the intriguing part of the most recent election cycle in Chicago.

Despite the people who want to think that “Reform!!!” has come to Chicago in the form of Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot and those new aldermen who want to adopt the Democratic Socialist label to identify themselves, the reality that some things remain the same is evidenced by Burke.

Who managed to overcome an attempt by Latino political activists to dump Burke from his aldermanic seat. He managed to win re-election with relative ease – not having to endure a run-off election of any sort.

Seriously, 2019 was the election cycle in which people interested in change had to settle for costing the re-election of long-time good-government type Toni Preckwinkle. Meanwhile, Burke remains in his aldermanic post – albeit without the Finance chairmanship that gave him much of his political power.

WHICH MEANS THOSE people who want to see Eddie Burke dumped from office, but couldn’t beat him at the polling place, are now counting on federal investigators to come up with the goods that could create a politically-humiliating trial – along with the possibility of Burke being sent to prison while in his mid-to-late 70s.

But now, we’re going to have to wait another month or so to see what kind of goods the G-men have come up with on Burke – if anything at all.

Burke himself is playing the cocky role, in that his attorneys aren’t doing anything to resist the delay – which technically he’d have a right to do. What’s another month if it means the case comes to an end.
It almost makes me think that if they were to make an Ed Burke movie, actor Robert DiNiro would portray him – similar to that scene where he played Al Capone in the 1987 film “The Untouchables” telling the feds, “You got nothing, you punk!”


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