Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Did we get a preview of the ’20 presidential “brawl” this year in Chgo?

Could Lightfoot campaign give us clues as to how … 
Let me state up front – I don’t have a clue who I support for president. Although I’m inclined to think that both former Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Bernie Sanders of Vermont are too old to be taken seriously as candidates.

A notion that I’m sure will offend certain political people who are viewing the 2020 election cycle as one in which their guy can finally achieve long-desired aspirations.

BUT I HAVE to admit to dreading the Democratic primary for president, largely because I fear the twenty-some people saying they want to run for the office will all get so pig-headed and believe there’s no way they can lose.

There’s no way anybody would vote for Donald Trump over them, and it’s everybody else who needs to get a clue and get out of the election.

All I know is that I fear it will be that very attitude that will enable the re-election of “the Donald” and ensure that this Age of Trump stretches out to the maximum length permitted by the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

With also the likelihood that Trump (already 72 years old) could theoretically be the oldest president ever surpassing Ronald Reagan if he were to live long enough to finish a second term in office.

… we get the re-election of Donald Trump?
IT BECOMES POSSIBLE because the large number of Democratic presidential aspirants will do nothing more than create confusion amongst the electorate. People won’t have a clue who to cast ballots for.

Which could mean the followers of this Age of Trump will feel emboldened to the point that they’ll be the ones who feel compelled to vote. Which means they’ll get all wrapped up in talk of presidential mandates – as in Trump’s minority voter support would have to be treated as though it truly represents the will of the American people.


Now why is it that I feel like this? Largely, it’s because I feel like I’ve already seen this saga play out with last week’s election of Lori Lightfoot as mayor of Chicago. An election cycle I have to confess I was glad to see come to an end.

HAVING TO WEED through the dozens of people who talked of being mayor weeding down to 21 people who finally put their names on the ballot – with 14 of them ultimately qualifying.
BIDEN: Past his presidential prime?

I don’t think there ever was a consensus behind any one candidate. Even after the process weeded down the candidate field to a two-person run-off.

I know the Lori Lightfoot backers are going to be offended that I don’t see an overwhelming victory for her over Toni Preckwinkle. Because even a week after Election Day, I still can’t get over the atrocious voter turnout.

For an election cycle that was supposed to be historic and a case where, to have a chance to dump Rahm Emanuel, it really seems that the bulk of Chicagoans didn’t care.

REALLY! SOME TWO-thirds of the registered voters of Chicago didn’t bother to vote. They didn’t care enough – brought about largely by the confusion from having so many candidates convinced that everybody was destined to fall in love with them. It was nowhere near the swarm of voters (about 83 percent) who turned out in 1983 when Harold Washington became mayor.
BUTTIGIEG: Can he pop out of masses?

And now, that the Chicago election cycle of 2019 is complete, I almost fear we’re destined to repeat the electoral chaos come 2020 at the national level. As if the electoral nonsense wasn’t absurd enough this year, we get to do it again next year.

Double Ugh!!! And groan!!!

So if you’re asking me who I back for president, I have to say I want most of these current wannabe candidates to come to their senses and drop out so we can have a manageable field from which to pick. Either that, or we’re destined to get an encore of Inaugural ceremonies in 2021 in which Trump will claim even more people turned out to celebrate his greatness than did back in January 2017.


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