Friday, April 12, 2019

EXTRA: Two home runs by Eloy; but what about tomorrow's ballgame

Eloy Jimenez may have given us a bit of evidence of just why the Chicago White Sox were willing to give him a long-term, big-money contract before he even played his first major league ballgame.
Playing Friday against the New York Yankees, Jimenez managed to hit two home runs -- the first two of his major league career.

NOT THAT I expect the fans at Yankee Stadium appreciated the historic nature of the moment -- they most likely were disgusted by the 9-6 score against them when the game was delayed due to ridiculously-heavy rain.

So heavy that it really is amazing the ballgame got played at all.

But seriously, it's moments like this (particularly the first home run where another future Sox star, Yoan Moncada, was already on base to be driven in by Jimenez) that the White Sox are counting on in saying they're a ballclub in rebuilding mode -- and one that could make their talk of being a potential champion come 2021 or 2022 not quite so laughable. Friday could very well be the preview of what is destined to occur on the Sout' Side.

Of course, I expect Chicago Cubs fans to engage in trash-talk. They'll probably focus on the fact that Friday's pitching for the White Sox was atrocious enough that it was only the heavy rain that prevented Jimenez' home run blasts from potentially being part of a losing Sox effort. While remembering they were the team that once traded Jimenez away.


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