Monday, January 1, 2018

Some 18 years after Y2K (remember?), let's celebrate with New Year's boogie

Remember back some 18 years ago, when all life as we know it was supposed to come crashing down because of computer glitches. Computers would be so stupid that they wouldn't recognize the coming of a new millennium (how else could a year ending in "00" come after a year ending in "99?")!
Which isn't the most absurd thought, since computers basically are dumb and easily thrown out of whack (how often does your computer crash for no apparent reason?).

BUT HERE WE are now, some 18 years after the arrival of the year 2000 was supposed to cause every device that relies on a computer to go goofy. We're still here. We're still alive. We're still thriving.
Unless you're the type of person who thinks that the presence of Donald Trump as president is evidence that our society has gone goofy.

Regardless, it's a brand new year and we're getting close to being one-fifth of the way through the 21st Century. So here's a Happy New Year, and hoping that 2018 to bring a little more joy to your life than did '17.

And to ring in the New Year, enjoy the "Auld Lang Syne Boogie" along with this dance number from Hellzapoppin. Or if that's a bit too freaky for you, how about this mid-1970s New Year bash from Chicago?


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