Saturday, December 30, 2017

Homicides on the decline, but the ideologues will still rant about Chicago

It seems the number of murders in Chicago will be significantly less this year than last – which actually was a year of historic significance for Chicago when it comes to violence.
Almost ready to punch out on 2017

A year ago, it was being reported how the number of slayings took a significant rise compared to recent years. Some 760 slayings in Chicago – which may be less than the days of the late 1980s when the city could have nearly 1,000 killings in a year.

BUT CONSIDERING CHICAGO had experienced a significant drop in murder during the 1990s and 2000s, it had some of us concerned that the bad ol’ days were coming back.

And also gave ammunition to those ideologically-inclined to want to use Chicago as their example of a hellhole that they could use to blame for everything!

The Chicago Tribune reported Friday that 2017 is likely to see about 100 fewer slayings in the city compared to the year before. That’s about a 15 percent drop.

Although it should be noted we won’t know the final murder tally until some time next week most likely – on account that anybody who gets shot before Sunday night but doesn’t die until after Monday morning will still be counted as part of 2017 violence, rather than 2018.

ALSO, THE NEWSPAPER noted that arrests for gun crimes were up 28 percent this year, compared to last.
This kind of nonsense will still be spewed in 2018

Perhaps we’ve just been luckier in surviving the wounds inflicted upon ourselves in various incidents scattered around Chicago. Or maybe the Chicago police are correct when they imply that changing technology is making it possible for them to keep better tabs on what is happening on the streets – making it possible for them to fight violent crime more efficiently.

Not that I believe any of this will matter one bit to the ideologues of a conservative bent. We still have Donald J. Trump as our president, and I won’t be surprised if he manages to find some reason this weekend to issue one of his Tweets from a Twit-type messages to further lambast Chicago.

We’ve become a punching bag for a man whose literary style doesn’t extend beyond the 280-character limit of Twitter – which is perfect for espousing the incredibly trivial aspects of life.
Were still busy despite apparent homicide drop

PERHAPS THIS MEANS there’s legitimate reason to think in accordance with the results of a new Morning Consult poll – one that shows many of us are pessimistic about our government officials as we enter a new year.

The poll shows some 48 percent don’t think positively about government these days, with both Democrats (54 percent) and political independents (50 percent) having negative thoughts.

It seems only 37 percent of Republicans are pessimistic about government, but then again they’re the ones going about spewing the rhetorical nonsense about the majority of us.

Perhaps going on rants such as about how violent and decrepit Chicago has become is what makes them feel better about their lot in life.

PERSONALLY, I’D FIND such a line of thought to be depressing. But perhaps we’d all be better off ignoring the nitwits of our society as they try to drag us all down to their level.
ORR: Soon to perform 'first' for final time

Not that it means I think we ought to ignore the conditions that create violence in our urban area. Just that we shouldn’t exaggerate them for personal or political gain. That’s just sick!

So here’s hoping that when we get the final death tally for Chicago some time next week, it will be the beginning of a declining trend in the city’s body count. That would be a pleasant New Year's thought!

Then, we could move on to the other official stats for Chicago – the first baby born in the new year and the first couple to be issued a marriage license. Which Cook County Clerk David Orr says will be the last “first” license he issues, since he is not seeking re-election and plans retirement when his term ends next December.


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