Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Is Ives the gubernatorial candidate nobody wants to be associated with?

Jeanne Ives, the state senator from Wheaton who wants to challenge Gov. Bruce Rauner in the Republican primary, is becoming the candidate whom nobody wants to be associated with.

IVES: Offends Kennedy, Rauner
Ives, the woman whose campaign is based on the notion that Rauner is too liberal for Illinois (the reality is that she’s too conservative, but that’s a topic for another day’s commentary), is the woman who was in a candidate forum this week where she managed to offend Democratic hopeful Chris Kennedy to the point where he walked out in mid-event.

ON TUESDAY, IVES’ perception suffered another blow when Rauner himself said he had no intention of participating in a Republican debate against her that would have been held in Springfield.

Considering that the bulk of any Republican candidate’s voter support will come from the part of the state outside the Chicago area, it could be seen as foolish for Rauner to pass up the chance to appeal to his likely backers.

But Ives managed to show on Monday that her rhetoric is likely to be over the top – perhaps just as much as trying to get people to think Rauner is a liberal, even though the bulk of the Chicago-area vote certainly will turn out against him.

Her campaign may well turn out to be the one of the malcontents of our state expressing their opposition to the concept that everybody does not agree with their ideologue hang-ups about life and our society.

WHY SHOULD RAUNER give Ives the public attention of a one-on-one debate between the two?
KENNEDY: Walked out on Ives

I know many conservative-leaning people want to believe that right-wing outrage against Rauner is so intense (he’s not anti-abortion enough to satisfy them) that anybody could beat him come the March 20 GOP primary.

They cite Steven Baer, an ideologue who took about one-third of the vote in the 1990 gubernatorial primary against Jim Edgar. I’d argue that Ives could get about one-third of the vote, which would still make her a loser. And how many real people (as in non-political geeks) have a clue who Baer was? Or will remember Ives 20 years from now?

For the record, Ives’ offensive act was trying to say that we have so much gun violence in our society because we have many fatherless families. Which Kennedy took offense to because he, himself, lost his father as a young child.
RAUNER: Won't give her that much attention

HIS UNCLE, TOO. Remember that? Both of those stories were in all the papers and usually warrant a couple of sentences in the history books.

Personally, I’m inclined to think this would be an ideal world (or as close as we’d ever come to one) if everybody had a set of two parents to help raise them as children. But not everybody does, and we ought to be focusing on trying to help those youth who don’t have such circumstances.

Rather than holding them up to blame for societal flaws, which is all Ives and people of her ilk really are interested in doing!

Make people think that everything that is wrong with life is somebody else’s fault, and maybe it makes them feel a little bit better about their lot in life. But it doesn’t do a thing to make things better for the masses.

I HAVE NO doubt that if Ives were to get a one-on-one forum with Rauner, she’d really let loose with the nonsense talk. She’d probably also have the crackpots all peeved about Rauner not being conservative enough for them ready to proclaim her the winner.
PRITZKER: Will get own share of nonsense

Which wouldn’t really be true. In fact, such a forum probably would add nothing to the public understanding of who either candidate is. Just as I’m sure the various Democratic candidate forums (the first of which will be held next Tuesday in Chicago) probably won’t go any further than candidate J.B. Pritzker being the rich guy trying to buy himself an ego-bloating political post.

It’s bound to be a lot of nonsense-talk. The rhetoric will flow with the sounds of silliness. In that regard, we’re better off without a Rauner/Ives debate.

I’m sure those who merely want to smack Bruce about will have plenty of opportunities between now and the Nov. 6 general election – to the point where he’ll have more than his share of rhetorical bruises.


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