Thursday, May 18, 2017

Start of a GOP tide sway against DJT?

I haven’t given any thought to impeachment of the president or any other scenario that would remove Donald J. Trump from his elected post prior to January of 2021 because I realize it’s not practical.

KINZINGER: First of GOP tidal wave?
Not that I’m at all satisfied with the performance of our nation’s president; although I’d argue he’s behaving about as incompetently as should have been expected. Anybody who thought he’d be better was thinking cluelessly.

BUT IT’S THAT I realize options such as “impeachment” are political maneuvers, which means we’d need to have a sense of unity amongst our government officials (particularly those in Congress) that Trump has to go – that we can’t afford to endure one more moment of him in office.

But I also realize that Congress’ current leadership is Republican, and that the election of Trump gave them what they have long desired (and honestly believe is the way government should always operate) – a condition where they can ignore the political opposition and do things their way.

In our modern era, it is the way of politics. We elect officials of the Republican persuasion who seriously see compromise as evil – which causes the Democratic Party opposition to get itself all worked up into righteous indignation in thinking they’re standing up for “the people” rather than themselves.

Meanwhile, we the people have to endure all the nonsense.

BUT THE POINT is that the Republican leadership will keep Trump in his post so long as he serves their needs, and will do whatever it thinks is required to prop him up and support him against the attacks of those of us in the majority who wonder how irrational a president do we have these days.

I’m sure Republican leadership thinks that all the Trump nonsense to date is merely stuff that irritates their Democratic opposition, which is something they probably take delight in seeing.

Which is why it is significant to see that Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., is now coming out and suggesting investigations of this Age of Trump. It’s a tiny little crack in the façade, and I’m sure Republican leadership will try to patch it over quickly before anyone takes notice.
PENCE: Thought of him as Prez scares people

But Kinzinger, who lives in Channahon, Ill. (just south of Joliet), is going public in saying he wants some sort of special prosecutor or independent commission to investigate Trump’s behavior. Later in the day Wednesday, the Attorney General's office named former FBI Director Robert Mueller to handle an investigation.

HE’S NOT COMING out and accusing Trump of anything, but he’s bothered enough by the endless rounds of stories concerning the presidential behavior that he wants to get at the truth.

If anything, it will be interesting to see if Kinzinger faces any kind of backlash from his own political party. As in, “Keep yer mouth shut!” and don’t give any encouragement to the opposition.

That probably will be the first reaction of many ideologue partisans who cast their ballots for Trump (the 46 percent) and most of whom remain committed to the man because they like the idea his presence infuriates their opponents – no matter how rational their opponents may be in the majority of our society.

But when we get the rounds of reports hinting Trump may have been careless enough to let classified national information slip to the Russian government, along with the latest New York Times report indicating he tried to pressure now-former FBI Director James Comey to quit investigating his national security adviser, this could be what causes a trickle to burst forth into a flood – turning that crack into a serious gouge in the wall.

OF COURSE, THERE’S one thing we should keep in mind. Removing Trump alone doesn’t change things. For his replacement would be the vice president.
TRUMP: Comical? Or terrifying?

And I know many a Hoosier resident who shudder in disgust at the idea of their state’s former governor, Mike Pence, becoming the occupant of the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W. in D.C.

That could be what turns the comic relief government of the Age of Trump into a truly politically partisan era that seeks to ram its ideological leanings down the throats of the masses of our society.

Although there is one ultimate political truth; if we want to complain but can’t be bothered to vote in future elections, then perhaps we deserve whatever misery gets handed down upon us in the next couple of years.


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