Thursday, May 11, 2017

Does Trump yearn for old Everly Brothers tune; “When will I be loved?”

I’m sure the people in our society who gave us Donald J. Trump as our president (the 46 percent who actually voted for him) are wondering right about now what it would take to appease the rest of us.
COMEY: Trump got to fire somebody

For many of us are disgusted with the conduct of now-former FBI Director James Comey. Some of us believe it was his handling of an investigation into those “dreaded” e-mail messages by Hillary Clinton that gave a last-minute momentum push to the Trump campaign to put it over the top on Election Day.

THE POINT BEING that many of those who are saddened that we’re not now experiencing the deep spiritual experience of our nation having its first female as a chief executive aren’t going to feel much sympathy for the fact that Comey is now among the ranks of the unemployed.

Although it will be interesting to see how quickly somebody manages to put him on their payroll as an adviser or consultant or some other make-work post that enables them to provide him with something resembling an income.

The ideologues probably want to believe that all of us (the majority of the electorate that wanted Clinton or someone other than Trump to be president) have now got our way, and we ought to just “Shut up!” about our Trump criticisms or anything else we have to say.

Of course, the conservative ideologue type usually just wants everybody to “Shut up!” and do what the ideologues tell us to do. So there’s nothing new there.

BUT THE TERMINATION of Comey’s employment did manage to catch the nation off-guard, what with its timing Tuesday night. I’m sure there were conversations taking place across the country during the evening hours by people speculating on how erratic the behavior of our president truly is.
There is the speculation that Trump fired Comey so as to thwart any investigation the FBI might be doing into whether or not Russia government officials or operatives in any way committed any acts that might have influenced the election outcome.

Did the thought of a woman as U.S. president so bother the thought process of Russian leader Vladimir Putin that he felt compelled to get involved?
TRUMP: Wants our admiration, even if by force

Other people are bringing up the “Saturday Night Massacre” of 1973 when then-President Richard M. Nixon wanted to fire a special prosecutor so as to try to knock down investigations into the Watergate burglary, and wound up having to fire several levels of officials in the attorney general's office before he could find someone (William Bork, remember him?) who was willing to do the presidential “dirty work.”

BUT A PART of me wonders if it is something more basic, in that Comey in recent weeks has continued to talk about his actions with regards to Hillary Clinton and e-mails and why he was bothered enough by what he learned to keep the issue alive in the public eye.

He recently made statements indicating he was bothered by Clinton spouse (and former president in his own right) Bill having that private meeting with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, which he said created the perception that HE was trying to tamper with FBI investigations into his wife’s behavior.

The point being that by continually bringing the issue up, Comey was reminding the public that it was NOT a majority of people who wanted Trump to be president. Although supposedly being the factor that made Trump president, he was becoming the reason some of us will NEVER regard this Age of Trump as being a legitimate expression of the sentiments of our society.

Whereas if Comey could have kept his “trap shut” and let the issue wither away, the reality is that most of us would have forgotten the details. Then Trump with his knack for “alternative facts” could have come up with a version of reality that would make us think we “like me, you really like me” as much as Sally Field felt at that Academy Awards ceremony of long-ago.

BUT THAT IS likely never to happen, although it is also true that we’re likely to never know the truth of what really happened, or how Russian operatives could have tampered with our electoral process or if it was more our own incompetence that could let something happen.

Yet this is Donald Trump, the real estate developer from Manhattan who likes to build gaudy structures around the globe and brand them all with his name – thinking that it means we associate the mention of himself with class, elegance and sophistication.

Instead of just tacky trash that comes in overpriced.
Which is why I often get the image in my brain of our president in some secluded room, singing to himself that 1960 hit by the Everly Brothers – “When will I be loved?”


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