Tuesday, May 16, 2017

EXTRA: Do you believe?

Illinois state Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie and other legislators chosen by House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, offered up their proposal Tuesday for what they say would be reforms of state government that would allow for a budget to be approved.

Without, of course, any of the anti-union ideas that Gov. Bruce Rauner puts forth as “reform.”

THE IDEA OF this tactic is that Democrats now can claim the image of trying to reach out to Rauner (with talk of insurance reform and eliminating corporate loopholes) without actually having to do much of anything. I’m sure when Rauner rejects them, they’ll claim they tried their darnedest, but to no avail.

Still no budget when the General Assembly reaches its scheduled adjournment date for summer break come May 31. Or even June 30, which is the end of the current fiscal year and when it will become officially two full years of budget-less Illinois government.

For the record, Currie (a ranking House member from the Hyde Park neighborhood whom Madigan usually uses to do things he wants done without having his name directly tied to it) issued following statement:

“House Democrats believe the budget crisis demands immediate action, and it is our hope to show Governor Rauner that we stand ready to work with him. We plan to seek common ground with the governor on his proposals, and present him with items we believe should be part of the bargaining in order to encourage economic growth while lifting up the middle class.”

THE REAL QUESTION, of course, is this.

Do you believe it’s a sincere offer? That’s why we’re likely moving into Year Three of a budget-less Illinois, no matter how much Currie says publicly she finds that concept to be abhorrent.


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