Monday, May 15, 2017

Just a thought; Will we someday be able to say “You’re Fired!!!” to Trump?

Donald J. Trump is the one-time New York real estate developer who gained his national fame by being the host of an insipid reality television show whose focus was that at the end of each episode, he’d fire someone from their job.
Ideologues probably wish for more firings ...

It’s the reason why the headline on this weblog the morning of Nov. 9, 2016 would have been U.S. to Trump: You’re Fired!!! had Hillary Clinton won; instead of the The nation goes goofy?!? headline that actually appeared when it became apparent early that morning that Trump’s 46 percent voter support would actually be capable of giving him an Electoral College victory.

I BRING THIS thought up only for one reason. Many of us are getting all worked up these days because the president terminated the employment of FBI Director James Comey.
... than Comey and Yates

Yet if you think about it, Trump is the guy who got himself elected because there was a significant segment of the electorate that had no problem with a chief executive of our government who would behave like that comic book-style buffoon he portrayed on television (and which Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't quite pull off as a successor).

There probably are people who wanted to see mass firings throughout the ranks of the federal government.

Which makes me wonder if Trump has managed to show some restraint.

FOR AS I’M doing the countdown, he dumped on Comey and also canned the woman who was serving as Acting Attorney General.

Yet let’s be honest – Sally Yates was destined to be replaced once Trump got his own pick confirmed as attorney general. She’d have been long forgotten by now and replaced by Jeff Sessions – even if she hadn’t have resisted his efforts to impose restrictions on people from various Islamic-oriented nations.
Is Trump "Jules" or "the Gimp?"

Considering that the courts wound up striking down that initiative anyway, it seems that Yates was correct. Not that it means she would have kept her job.

Comey and Yates are the two top pieces in the political bloodbath that I’m sure many ideologue-oriented people would have wanted to be far more intense.

IN FACT, FOR all I know, Trump may well wish he could have fired more people by now. We have to wonder if there is some higher power with a touch of sense that is keeping him from reigning down with “great vengeance and furious anger” (remember actor Samuel L. Jackson’s hit-man character from “Pulp Fiction?”) on the masses of society.

Of course, there also were all those U.S. attorneys scattered across the country who were told one Friday that they had until the end of the weekend to be out of their offices.

That included the U.S. attorney for Chicago and also for Northern Indiana, where it seems particularly cold that David Capp, based in Hammond, lost his job back in March. Because he already had made it clear he intended to retire by June.

But partisan politics reigned supreme. Although we ought to keep in mind that federal prosecutor posts often are politically motivated to begin with.

MAYBE I’M JUST trying to downplay the damage because I’d rather not acknowledge the reality of a political madman running amok. But I actually have watched the past few months of activity during the Age of Trump and I can’t help but be awed by the number of people willing to speak out against his governmental recklessness.

We have those wondering if his latest round of activity related to Comey’s dismissal will be the one that causes certain people to move forward with his termination from the presidential post.

I’m not sure we’re on the road to impeachment yet. For all I know, we may never fully get there, and may have to wait until 2020 for our chance to undo the harm that was wrought upon our society by those of us willing to put our racial and ethnic hang-ups over all else.

Then, with the passage of time, we can look back upon this era and see it for the comic relief of buffoonery that is being offered up on a regular basis! After we as a society can tell the Trumpster and all his acolytes, “You’re Fired!!!” and make it stick.


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