Saturday, May 6, 2017

Rauner really is – to cite cliché – damned if does, and damned if doesn’t

It has been nearly two days now since Gov. Bruce Rauner issued his statement in response to the House of Representatives approving the President Trump-desired measure to repeal Barack Obama’s vision of health care reform, and I’m still not sure exactly where the Illinois governor stands on the issue.

RAUNER on Health Care: Huh??!?
He says the bill that passed the lower chamber of Congress, “continues to be of deep concern to our administration.”

YET IN HIS five-sentence, two paragraph statement, Rauner also says, “The Affordable Care Act is a seriously-flawed law that should be changed.”

For those of you who get easily confused by political jargon and gibberish, the Affordable Care Act is the measure put forth by former President Obama that the ideologues amongst us have labelled “Obamacare.”

The alternative measure being put forth by Trump’s advisors and backers is the American Health Care Act.

Which, in the Trump way of viewing the world, means that “Affordable Care” is for poor people, and nobody cares about helping them. Whereas the “American Health Care” plan is an AMERICAN vision!!!!!!! that is wonderful just because it is for us, and NOT none of those foreigners who fantasize that they can someday be us.

IF YOU GET the impression that I’m mocking the jingoism and xenophobic views of this Era of Trump that our society is now in, you’d be correct.
TRUMP: His vision of healthcare reform ...

The simple fact is that the primary goal and intent of Republicans in Congress wishing to reform health care is that they want to erase the measure that the Obama administration managed to get passed into federal law back in 2010 and that for the past three years has made it possible for many people (myself included) to have health insurance plans that provide us basic health coverage in the event of an emergency.

I often joke that this means if I get shot by a sniper’s stray bullet, there’s a chance that a hospital Emergency Room somewhere will actually make an attempt to save my life – rather than dismissing me because I can’t afford to pay the full cost of medical treatment.

Medical treatment and healthcare has become a politicized issue, and Rauner certainly doesn’t want to get caught in the crossfire. Which is most likely why he’s trying to take both sides of the issue, while also not making a simple, declarative statement on where he stands.
... is basically to erase any involvement of Obama

IF RAUNER COMES out in favor of Trump or his ought-to-be Republican colleagues, he gives Democrats a significant issue that can be used to bash him about – one that might be heated enough to take him down no matter how many millions of his own dollars he puts into campaign efforts that bash Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago.

Let’s not forget how overwhelmingly Democratic Illinois is – and how alone Rauner is within the Illinois political structure. Rauner needs to spend those millions of dollars for his political survival.

Yet if Rauner tries to appease the more urban portions of Illinois that are the basis of the Democratic Party majority in this state, he’ll find out how quickly the Republicans turn on him.

For while Rauner likes to think he made GOP inroads by gaining a few legislators in rural parts of the state, the fact is that many of those voters were influenced by the presidential presence of Trump.

I DON’T DOUBT there are people in Illinois who would get all excited about Rauner if he became the ultimate Trump ally – a move that would ensure his political death in the more urban parts of the state that comprise about two-thirds of the state’s population.
DURBIN: He will be part of effort to fix mess

So where does our governor stand on healthcare reform?

The most honest part of his statement may well be where he says, “We are hopeful that our federal lawmakers will continue to work hard to get this right for the people of Illinois and our nation.”

Which basically means he’s desperately hoping and praying that somebody else manages to figure out a solution – which is a long-shot considering the number of years that government officials have devoted to trying (unsuccessfully, I should add) to find the solution.


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