Thursday, May 4, 2017

Some people just don’t want to comprehend the way insurance works

A part of me regrets that I’m writing this commentary – I feel bad writing a piece about former Congressman Joe Walsh revealing his vacuous nature about issues just to gain himself some more public attention.
WALSH: Bringing us all down?!?

Walsh is the guy who served one term representing the northwest suburbs in the House of Representatives, before voters got wise and dumped him.

SINCE THEN, HE’S tried to make himself a social conservative voice who speaks out for his people – although all he usually manages to do is make himself out to be clueless; which I’m sure winds up hurting his causes more than anything else.

His latest “issue” seems to be health care reform. Which isn’t a shock. Many social conservatives have let themselves get all worked up throughout the years with regards to former President Barack Obama’s efforts to reform the way healthcare is paid for – and to ensure that all people have options other than just neglecting their physical beings because they can’t afford a doctor visit.

New President Donald J. Trump has made it clear he wants to abolish the Affordable Care Act; although his efforts to replace it with an “American Healthcare Act” were a political flop – but he hasn’t given up trying.

Which is what got Walsh worked up enough to feel the need to speak out. Or actually, to follow the lead of Trump as a “Twit who Tweets” and use a Twitter account to take pot shots at those people who regard health care access as an important issue for our society.

OR, AS WALSH felt compelled to write Tuesday night, “Sorry Jimmy Kimmel: your sad story doesn’t obligate me or anybody else to pay for somebody else’s health care.”

Kimmel is the late-night television host who has gained attention for the heart surgery his son had to undergo in order to save his life, which he has tried using as a way of urging political people to be more compassionate and not be so eager to approve something that would take away health care access.

Apparently, Walsh isn’t swayed. Or else, he objects to someone trying to put a “guilt trip” on him. I don’t doubt there are other people who will be hard-hearted enough to feel the same way.

But the basic fact is that insurance, by its very nature, is a means by which all of us pay our premiums and we wind up covering the costs of those of us who become ill enough to need serious medical treatment.

BECAUSE WE KNOW (or hope) that when the time comes we become ill, others will be making their premium payments and we will be covered in our time of need.

I know insurance companies aren’t charitable organizations out to do the public good – they’re out to make a profit off the perception that they’re there in our times of need.

But do I complain about that monthly payment I make to an insurance company? As a freelance writer-type, I have to provide for my own insurance. Because I know full well that having to pay the actual cost of even a brief hospital stay would bust me financially. That's the drawback to medical care that actually works -- it's expensive!

Trust me, my finances are meager enough that I can’t afford to be bankrupted by the asthma I suffer from, or that my blood pressure can shoot sky-high if I don’t carefully monitor my physical condition.

SO TO LEARN that Walsh hasn’t a bit of compassion to him makes me grateful that the voters up in those northwestern suburbs of the “Tea Party” persuasion (a gross misuse of a historic allusion if ever there was one) overcame their vacuous moment back in 2010 when they sent him to Congress to begin with.

But let’s not forget when Walsh was the guy threatening to take up his musket and fight, if by chance Hillary Clinton had actually been elected president last November.

He’s also the guy who complained about the possibility of FBI Director James Comey’s actions last fall with regards to a federal investigation of Clinton e-mails might actually harm Trump’s presidential chances – even though Comey himself now admits to being “mildly nauseous” about the thought that he actually enabled Trump to win.

Even when Walsh wins, he perceives defeat. Which makes me think he’s just the ultimate political malcontent who’s determined to bring us all down to his level. How sad!


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