Friday, November 11, 2016

The anger overflows, and someday it could be all who hate Trump

I don't doubt that people are pissed about the outcome of Election '16.
Someone graffiti'd this house. Will others follow? Photographs by Gregory Tejeda
It seems that in several cities across our nation, including Chicago, protesters marched to let their outrage be known that the rubes of our citizenry banded together to pick as big a buffoon as Donald J. Trump to be president.

IT MADE A mess out of traffic on Lake Shore Drive, amongst other places. I don’t doubt that the contempt will linger on for quite some time.

Although let’s be honest about one thing – I have no doubt that these people are behaving much more civilly than the ones who have spent the past eight years acting as obstructionists of the presidency of Barack Obama.

I also don’t doubt that the people now upset ultimately will show more respect for Trump than the Obama critics ever did for the soon-to-be former president.

Whom I now fully expect will be the target of efforts to try to do a “Soviet-style” attempt at a rewrite of history. As in people will try to erase any trace that the Obama years ever took place.

WHO KNOWS, THEY may full well be capable of coming up with a scenario by which our country went straight from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump! Or maybe they’ll permit us to remember the existence of Bill Clinton; just so they can highlight the fact of his impeachment for kinds of behavior that they won’t want to admit our new president-elect has oft engaged in himself.

I’ll be the first to admit that much of the knuckleheaded rhetoric of the Trump presidential campaign is going to fall short of being fulfilled. Although people who felt we could put up with a Trump presidency because it’s all nothing but hot air ought to be wary.

Because the hard-core element of our society that DID vote for Trump fully expects to get the guy who bellows out “You’re Fired!” at everybody he doesn’t like and wants that nonsensical hard line on Mexico and on Arabs (it won’t matter if they’re not Muslim) and anybody else not like themselves.
I wonder what this Trump-liking truck driver thinks of his counterpart delivering tortillas

If Trump tries to suddenly become Mr. Rationality, his voters will be repulsed and will turn on him so viciously. Likely harder than any of the protesters who spoke out against him this week!

AS FOR THOSE who would be inclined to cry out “I told you so!” when it happens, keep in mind that we all lose if our government winds up delving into levels of nonsensical behavior.

Personally, I expect Trump himself will provide us with loads of trivial behavior similar to all the antics he engaged in that have generated New York Post news copy throughout the decades – possibly antics that decades from now we will be able to laugh at and wonder how we could ever have treated such a man so legitimately. Particularly since when you seriously try to analyze what he says, you can’t because he speaks in vagaries.

I doubt he knows really what he hopes to accomplish as president – other than getting use of Camp David; while probably griping privately about how it’s not up to the luxury standards of his own Mar-A-Lago mansion in Florida.

We ought to be paying more attention to the kinds of people a “President Trump” will put into key positions. Such as one-time House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani or New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – both of whom would have been regarded as has-beens prior to this week.

NOW WE KNOW why they aligned with Trump and put up with his nonsense and all the ridicule they received. They’re going to get jobs that could define their legacy (just as how Joe Biden will now be remembered as a Vice President, instead of a goof of a Senator from Delaware).
Hillary sticker will wear away!

Considering the leanings of those kind of people, that may well be enough for people to be wary of a Trump presidency. Although we should keep in mind that it can’t last forever. The era will come to an end.

There’s also just way too much that can go wrong for Donald J. Trump, who a year from now is probably going to wish he had never been so egotistical as to think of running for president.

I doubt that a ride on Air Force One will be worth that much to him!


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