Monday, November 7, 2016

2…, 1…, blast-off!!!!! Or will it just be another round of rhetorical nonsense?

Tuesday is the day; the one in which we cast our ballots and put an end to all the nonsense that has become Election Cycle 2016.

Which one will we pick...

One way or another, we’ll have a winner. One of these people will slink off the stage for us to forget about, and we can go back to thinking there’s a touch of decorum to what passes for the process by which we pick our political people.

YEAH, RIGHT! I bet you’re still waiting for the Cleveland Indians to win that fourth World Series game that puts an end to their 68-year streak of seasons without a World Series win.

To me, the scary thing about Tuesday being Election Day is that it isn’t going to put an end to any of the nonsense that has been taking place in recent months. The electorate is way too worked up into a frenzy for a mere counting of the ballots to bring an end to anything.

There are too many people convinced that a scam of epic proportions is about to take place. There will be those who absolutely will refuse to accept the legitimacy of whatever outcome they’re presented with in the late hours of Tuesday.

Or perhaps even the early hours of Wednesday, if there wind up being glitches that delay the ballot-counting process.

AT THIS POINT, I have to say I don’t have a clue just how stupid the process is going to get at the very end. I do realize this is going to be a turnout election – as in it will be one that gets settled by which candidate has the better organization in terms of getting their faithful loyalists to get off their derrieres and out to the polling places.

Personally, I believe that if every single person whom Donald Trump and his presidential campaign went out of their way to demonize during this election cycle actually get out to vote, the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

A butt-whuppin’ of historic proportions for Trump – he’ll learn that it’s no longer the 19th Century where certain types of people could be told they had no business thinking about politics and ought to leave the governing to the real people.
... on this day 3 days before the Armistice of old?

Who are all the individuals who are exactly like themselves.

BUT WHETHER THAT will happen is the big story for Tuesday. I have no doubt that those “deplorables” that Democrat Hillary Clinton says comprise the Trump camp are truly motivated to show up. I also know that, in general, the public gets downright lazy when it comes to turning out to vote.

So if the masses get lazy and the deplorables become a large-enough group, then we get “President Donald J. Trump” and first lady Melania – along with first ex-ladies Ivana and Marla and all their kids. Which in some ways does bear resemblance to the American family of the 21st Century.

At least moreso than that of Hillary and Bill, their daughter Chelsea and grand-daughter Charlotte. How downright traditional an image they would present.

Although it is Trump, to listen to the ideological crackpots, who is the one bringing back the all-American image. The ideologues would have you think the House of Clinton is the one subversive to what our society stands for.

ALL OF THIS will be fodder for people to complain about in coming weeks, months and years. Because the public is not going to be pleased, regardless of who “wins” the election. I suspect Trump himself will be particularly tactless in his Election Night conduct, yet the hard-core of his followers will be convinced he's merely telling it like it is -- at least in the depths of Trump's own imagined reality.
Do we wish we could keep Barry O for 4 more years?

It will be particularly tactless if it becomes “President Hillary R. Clinton” (sense says she is the overwhelming favorite to win), since I wonder if the ideologues will hit her with so much in the way of delaying tactics that we’ll wind up thinking someday how much more harshly they’re beating up on her compared to Barack Obama – who has faced nothing but obstruction during his time in the presidency.

Of course, I have always thought that the Obama presidency was so much harsher in its treatment by the opposition than was that of Bill Clinton.

After all, all the ideologues did was tried to impeach the man and embarrass him by unveiling his sexual fling with a young girl – an act that Trump appears to have committed so many times that people have quit counting!


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