Tuesday, November 8, 2016

EXTRA: Not too late to take my $$$

I couldn’t help but be amused by a pair of e-mail messages I received mid-day Tuesday.
CLINTON: She still wants my money

One was from the Hillary Victory Fund, run by the Democratic National Committee and state Democratic parties in several states – although not Illinois.

THIS PARTICULAR E-MAIL informed me that their records showed I haven’t contributed a dime to support Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. It gave me one last chance to cough up some cash to help Hillary’s election fund pay the bills.

“When you wake up on tomorrow will you have done EVERYTHING YOU POSSIBLY CAN to elect HILLARY CLINTON and DEMOCRATS ACROSS THE COUNTRY?” the e-mail asks me.

Yes, it’s true. I haven’t donated anything. Because I never do. It’s part of my own reporter-type mentality to not make a financial tie to any campaign. Either that, or I’m just a cheapskate.

But my guess is that someone thinks I should feel a guilt trip. As though it’s my fault if we somehow wind up with Donald Trump as president. Excuse me for not feeling all that guilty.

FOR IF IT turns out that Trump truly is able to make his segment of the electorate large enough to be a majority, I’d argue it is due to those people who despised what he said but were too lazy to vote.

In which case, the American people will get what they deserve.

And if Trump doesn’t win, then we can all load up on the Xanax we’ll have to take after dealing with all the ideologues who will spend the next four years lambasting Clinton every opportunity they get!
TRUMP: Does he not want me to vote?!?

One other e-mail caught my attention – one put out by the Washington-based Latino Victory Project, which has helped to create greater awareness that is largely responsible for the apparent strong voter turnout by voters with ethnic origins to Latin American countries.

IN THE EVENT a would-be Latino voter runs into hostility at the polling place from someone claiming they don’t belong or somehow aren’t registered to vote (even though they really are), a number to call to file a complaint is 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA.

Or “Go-and-vote!,” en Español. Standing up to hostility and intimidation – which really is the chief political tactic of the Trump camp of supporters – is the key to defeating them in the end.

And I’m sure that having a toll-free telephone hotline number that works in Spanish will somehow particularly infuriate the knuckleheads’ sensibilities all the more.


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