Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Does Trump think he can keep up the racial/ethnic hostilities for 4 years?

I’m seeing a lot of a video snippet these days that it seems everybody feels compelled to put on the Internet – that bit of the woman shopping at the Michael’s crafts store in the Lakeview neighborhood who goes on a profane diatribe because she thinks she’s being abused by the store’s black employees.
TRUMP: Used intolerant label, now must live w/ it

Of course, watching the video, it seems the only person who’s being abusive is this lady, who happens to be white and probably doesn’t deserve to be thought of as a lady. But during her diatribe, she comes out and says she’s being picked on by black people because she supported the presidential aspirations of Donald J. Trump.

MANY OF THE people who felt the need to post this video did so out of a sense of wanting to show how outrageous and over-the-top the Donald Trump people are capable of being in their behavior.

They seem to side with the store’s management, which it seems remained calm in the face of a hysterical customer.

It kind of reminds me of my old days working in retail when bosses would pass on to me the old Marshall Fields’ slogan “The Customer is Always Right.” Which in my mind always translated to, “The Customer is Usually a Pompous Buffoon.”

Even if I always managed to keep this to myself during the stints I worked in retail many years ago at a suburban Carson, Pirie, Scott location and also in stores at the Water Tower mall on North Michigan Avenue.

THIS WOMAN SURELY showed herself capable of behaving poorly. Although I suspect in her own mind, she will forevermore remember the incident as the time she “told off” the incompetent pygmies who worked at that store and stood up for herself in the face of victimization.

Which may well be the scariest part of the whole Trump political phenomenon – the people who banded together into a group large enough to give Trump a victory even though a majority of voters wanted Hillary Clinton really want to think of themselves as the victims!

Which also means they want to use their newfound political influence to be punitive. It’s not an exaggeration to say their interpretation of “Make America Great Again” probably means elimination of many of the measures that civil rights activists fought decades to obtain.

I’m sure even Trump should be thought of in that way. This was the man who started out his campaign activity with vicious slanders against people in this country from Mexico, and now seems to want to continue that line of attack.

BECAUSE I KNOW there are many nitwits in our society who are desperate to use the label “illegal” to the existence of people from Latin American nations (and “no,” I don’t think those ideological twits are capable of distinguishing the 23 different countries of the Americas).

So when Trump spewed his nonsense this weekend that the only reason he didn’t win the popular vote is because of, “millions of people who voted illegally,” I have no doubt he’s trying to appeal to people such as our woman in the Michael’s video who want to believe that a just society is one that regards their existence as superior to that of all others.

Even though I’d argue that this nation probably would go up a notch or two if we were to deport her back to whatever nation her grandparents (or maybe great-grandparents) came from.

Not that anybody is seriously proposing that. It would be as absurd as just about everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth, or off his computer keys when he feels compelled to type out a pithy (in his mind) one-liner on Twitter.

THIS KIND OF hostility and ugliness is something we’re going to encounter quite a bit in coming years – at least until we can do the next election cycle and replace Trump with someone more credible.

Not that we’re going to give in to this kind of nonsense. If anything, I’m motivated by the numbers of people who are offended. It makes me realize that the so-called “silent majority” is really neither.

They’re at least 2 million people fewer than those who’d rather be preparing for the Hillary Clinton administration. And after watching this woman’s diatribe, silent is the last thing you’d ever call them!


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