Monday, September 12, 2016

Trump-types certainly don’t want to hear the “truth” during campaign cycle

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is being demonized these days for comments she made about the quality of people who are inclined to oppose her campaign and support opponent Donald Trump.
Does Hillary really owe an apology?

A “basket of deplorables” is how Hillary referred to the individuals who would actually be willing to vote for The Donald. As she told a Manhattan-based crowd, Trump’s backers are, “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.”

WHICH WHEN YOU think about it isn’t that far from the truth. The real story behind the 2016 electoral cycle is that this is a time when the segment of our society determined to believe we as a people are becoming degenerate with our openness is trying to assert itself.

It is a time when people who have certain hostile views toward people who aren’t just like themselves want to pick a president they believe will support their nativist ideals. Which for now is Trump.

In a sense, Clinton merely told the truth about what this electoral cycle has devolved to. Only she asserted these traits as somehow being negative. Whereas these people want to think their hostility is a plus!

As though the fact they don’t think much of gay people, black people, foreigners or Arabs in general is what makes them special. Then again, they’re the ones always complaining about the world being too “politically correct,” as though they want to think their nastiness is something they should be praised for.

AS THOUGH THEY want to believe their negativity and ignorance is somehow a more honest view of the world. Actually, true honesty is calling out the people who want their hatred of certain aspects of our society for the buffoons they are.
Fat chance Trump will apologize to anyone

So I can’t get too worked up at the people who are now denouncing Hillary’s presidential bid; trying to claim she has delved to a new low in negativity.

Trump himself is leading this charge, what with his use of Twitter to say Hillary, “was SO INSULTING to my supporters” and added “I think it will cost her at the polls.”

Of course, the entire tone of the Trump presidential campaign has been one of negativity to so many types of people. Clinton’s outburst of Friday doesn’t even come close to the trash talk spewed by The Donald!
How many apologies is Obama owed?

BUT THE TRUMP types are of the belief that the people they’re bashing about deserve to be looked down upon because they naturally are entitled (in their own mini-minds) to a higher place in our society.

Actually, the great injustice of our society is that such people were ever given the notion to begin with that they were better than anybody else.

Sure, Hillary Clinton was blunt-spoken when she made her public assessment of whom she is being challenged by. Then again, we can also argue that all she did was tell the truth.

I can almost hear actor Jack Nicholson screaming out “You Can’t Handle the Truth!” like he did in that film, “A Few Good Men.” It’s all nonsense.

IT’S ALL SO hypocritical if you view it objectively. Then again, objectivity is one of the last things that comes up during a campaign cycle – particularly one as hostile as this year’s has become.
Will Jack Nicholson have part in Hillary/Trump film?

Let’s not forget the 2008 election cycle when then-candidate Barack Obama came about critical about his opposition when he said, “they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

One could say Obama was just addressing a certain truth of our society – one that certain people didn’t want to have called out about themselves. And as it is, Obama talked that statement back a bit back then, as Clinton this weekend said she regretted her own remark.

Which may be the ultimate evidence of how much more presidential she is than Trump – who you just know would have responded to anyone saying he owed an apology to anyone for any of his own stupid remarks with a line something like, “Stuff it!!!”


EDITOR’S NOTE: What’s with Donald Trump’s obsession with the idea of political people being able to shoot somebody and avoid prosecution? Let’s not forget that earlier this year Trump cited it as some sort of plus about himself that he could get away with such an act without losing his political supporters. That alone makes me think the man is unfit for government office of any type.

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