Wednesday, September 21, 2016

EXTRA: Is a Mexican-inspired song a new Democratic political tradition?

I couldn’t help but notice the song that Mexican ranchera singer Vicente Fernandez came up with this week to tout the presidential aspirations of Hillary Clinton.

There are those Latinos who will vehemently argue that Clinton’s level of support for people of Latin American ethnic origins is apathetic, at best. But when the Republican opponent has gone out of his way to use Latinos as the equivalent of a piñata to gain political points for himself, it’s no wonder that Spanish-tinged political rhetoric is going to bear a heavy pro-Hillary tint.

THE LATINO VICTORY Project, which is based in this country, worked with the Mexican citizen to get him to record El Corrido de Hillary Clinton – a tune that says Hillary is respectful of Latinos and will be a bridge between ourselves and the masses of this society.
Perhaps if Trump could have just kept his mouth shut about Mexicans being drug dealers and rapists, nobody would have felt compelled to sing about the campaign en Español.

This reminds me of the 2008 campaign cycle when the Texas primary resulted in ¡Viva Obama!, which told us of the wonders that the senator from Chicago would bring to our nation if only we gave him a chance.

Although to my mindset, it’s just a parody of the mariachi band standard ¡Viva Mexico!

BUT WILL WE now feel compelled to have a Spanish-language novelty song for every Democratic presidential aspirant in the future? I say Democrat, because the Republicans seem determined to be the party that resists the growing number of Latinos living in this country.

Heck, George W. Bush lost a lot of his conservative ideologue support when he began to be perceived as too sympathetic to Latinos!
And for those who want to believe Latinos are too hostile to the outgoing president, I’ll be the first to concede there are mixed feelings. But I doubt we’d have had that Thalia dance at the White House if there wasn’t some sense of admiration.


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