Friday, September 23, 2016

From Rahm to Trump, diverse voices take a crack at spinning Chicago’s violent perception to their needs

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is more than willing to play politics with the homicide rate in Chicago – taking his pot-shots meant to scare people into actually considering casting a ballot for him.
EMANUEL: In need of a solution to violence

While Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who actually has to deal with the problem, is trying to create the public perception that he has a clue about the level of violence that people who live in certain parts of the city have been forced to accept as an everyday fact of life.

CHICAGO’S VIOLENCE LEVEL wound up being the topic of discussion for both men as they wanted to use the fact that hundreds of people have been killed this year in the city in order to bolster their political standing.

For Trump, he probably likes that fact. Because it makes people scared enough to something stupid like vote for him come Nov. 8. In fact, I suspect that if Chicago had a declining homicide rate, he’d probably concoct some sort of political rhetoric to make it seem like it’s on the up-tick.

Trump, during a program that was aired by the Fox News Channel, made talk about the concept of “stop and frisk,” a policing policy that gives the cops great authority to use their own judgment about when to suspect people of wrong-doing.

The fact that Trump came out in favor of such a policy is just the kind of inflammatory talk that would get people all worked up. Trump, in fact, did back off of his blanket support of the outrageous police policy.

TRUMP: Would be lost if city found solution

For Trump on Thursday said he only favors such an outrageous policy within Chicago. “Chicago,” he says, “is out of control, and I was really referring to Chicago with stop-and-frisk.” As though we of the Second City are mere savages who cannot co-exist with each other as civilized human beings.

It might be thought of as stupid politics to say something so inflammatory. But then again, we in Chicago have long realized how ridiculous Trump is. To the point where he never had a chance of getting our votes, and where his Chicago opposition makes it next-to-impossible for him to even think of having a chance at Illinois’ Electoral College votes.

So what does he have to lose with such nonsense talk? For all we know, Trump may think he gains support in those Midwestern regions that object to Chicago’s predominance over all else.

IT’S TRULY A campaign that is more than willing to engage in trash to try to achieve victory. As to whether trash can help him if he were to win the presidency, it’s unlikely. But I’m sure he figures he’ll worry about that then, and that many of us won’t remember all the mind-numbing nonsense he has spewed.

Then, there’s the predicament faced by Emanuel – who has to figure out a way to bolster the public’s trust in law enforcement. He used an address on Thursday at Malcolm X College to talk about the need for more police officers.

Although there are those individuals who think that having more cops means nothing more than more people in uniform to harass the general public – or at least that segment of the public of a lighter skin complexion than themselves.

Emanuel’s address was by invitation-only, which I’m sure was essential to have an event where the “public” didn’t spend the whole time heckling Hizzoner.

BECAUSE I’M SURE the people who’d most think Trump ridiculous also think Emanuel has too much in common with him. While I’m sure Trump’s biggest backers probably think Rahm is the devil incarnate – and would view him as their ultimate enemy.
The Hillary who was a Chicago-area girl

Which means Emanuel had the tougher task on Thursday.

He is trying to sway a city filled with skeptics – some of whom wish we could have a “do over” election for mayor, rather than having to wait until 2019 to pick somebody, anybody, else.

Whereas Trump has the backing of fawning sycophants who will sing his praises regardless of what he says; all because he’s not that certain lady who (if elected) would actually be the first-ever Chicago-born president who gets demonized by so many for such varying reasons that it’s hard to really say why we don’t like Hillary Clinton!


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