Monday, September 19, 2016

Is 2016 election cycle really about trying to delay the inevitable of 2020?

The “inevitable” is the fact that white people won’t be the majority in this country forever, and very likely the youth of our nation today will wind up living in a society where the population will be a true mixture of races and ethnicities.
The political reaction to the population trend?

It will be a place that won’t really have a majority group, and I don’t doubt that some people have a problem with that concept.

LISTENING TO THE rhetoric being spewed by people most enthusiastic about the presidential aspirations of Republican candidate Donald Trump, one gets the impression that what they really like about him is the idea that he sees this change in population as a problem that desperately needs to be addressed.

The Chicago Tribune reported on a new study by the Brookings Institution and the Center for American Progress that analyzed the trends in U.S. population. It concludes that by 2043, the “minority” groups will be the majority in this country.

By the early 2030s, 18-to-44-year-olds will be mostly non-white. In some places, the change will come earlier. Including Illinois.

Where in the Land of Lincoln, people who are white will be less than half by the year 2020. In short, even if Trump were to win the election on Nov. 8, the change will take place during his presidency.

TO BE EXACT, white people in Illinois are likely to account for 49.9 percent of the state population. Which may round off to half, but would be just under half, and likely would be down to 34.6 percent by 2060.

The reality of the situation, and the fact that makes the complaints by people amount to little more than nativist whining, is that there really isn’t anything that can be done to alter this shift.

Unless we’re prepared to take on a massive initiative of ethnic cleansing that would result in the world’s condemnation. Even I don’t really think Trump is capable of something like that, although the so-called “deplorables” probably wish they could have such a person as U.S. president.
Is Hillary the real vote to "make America great?!?"
It was interesting to read how in Illinois in just a few short years, the trend that has been discussed as a hypothetical will become a reality.

PERSONALLY, I FOUND the 2060 projection for Illinois to be most interesting. For it is figured that the Latino population likely will be 35.5 percent, or slightly higher than the white population. The remainder would be either black (15.4 percent) or Asian (14.6 percent).

Considering that other studies have said the Chicago population will reach a level of about one-third white, one-third black and one-third Latino by 2020, it would see that the change is bound to occur in all parts of the country.

So much for those people who would just as soon dismiss such ethnic and racial changes in population makeup as an urban trend, and that somehow the rural parts of our nation will somehow remain stable and keep our nation as a whole the way it always was.

That is what is meant by that “Make America Great Again” spiel being used, which is why some of us think that the way to really make this nation “great” is to turn out in vast numbers on Election Day to vote against the whole Trump phenomenon.

WHICH IS WHAT I honestly think can happen if people actually turn out to vote in significant numbers. A Trump victory is really only possible if people decide to get lazy and not bother to cast ballots.

Because it is likely that the Trump backers will show up at the polling places to vote. With their motivation being the trend that our population is taking – and has been for several years.

Actually, there is one uncertain factor in the future population composition, and that is just how “Latino” will Latinos be. Will people of ethnic origins tracing back to Latin American nations wind up mixing in with other groups, and wind up identifying more with them – particularly with the whites who will technically no longer be the majority?

It’s possible, unless people like Trump lay on their nonsense rhetoric so thickly (just the way that Trump does) that they wind up driving those growing Latino numbers into a group that winds up as a solid opposition.


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