Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Which of these politico pendejos will Latinos actually vote for in November?

I find it amusing these days to see that just about every presidential dreamer thinks they have achieved the key to being the preferred presidential choice of that segment of the electorate that is Latino.
We're voting against Trump
Particularly since I don’t think any of them have a clue as to what Latino voters are thinking, or how to really reach out to them.

OTHER THAN SAYING a majority of Latino voters will ultimately pick the Democratic nominee for president, nobody knows what will happen.

And quite frankly, that prediction doesn’t mean much. Let’s not forget that back in 2004, Democrat John Kerry took 56 percent of the Latino vote. Yet the real story is that Republican opponent George W. Bush allegedly got 44 percent of the Latino vote – a record high and a significant factor in his re-election victory that year.

Republicans don’t have to win the Latino vote to win presidential elections. In fact, I believe the last thing any of them would want to do is to appeal to a majority of Latino voters.

It would mean Latinos would expect things from them in return, and that would invariably offend their voter base of those white people who WANT to have a presidential candidate who will neglect the Latino segment of our society.

IN SHORT, SOMEONE like Donald Trump who kicked off his campaign with offensive remarks about Mexican people and recently stepped up the rhetoric by complaining about the federal judge who is presiding over a trial related to a lawsuit against his Trump University programs that defrauded their students.

Trump claims that because the judge is of Mexican ethnic origins (actually a native of East Chicago, Ind. – that community just across the state line with a 52 percent Latino majority population) he naturally can’t be trusted to be fair to Trump.
We're not likely to support Sanders
Yet Trump has also spewed nonsense rhetoric about how he can take enough of the Latino vote to cut into any voter support that a Democratic challenger would be counting on.

It’s true that some Latinos will vote for Donald, or any other Republican. Largely because they’re so eager to be thought of as “white” (or more accurately, not thought of as “black”) that they will tolerate whatever hostile rhetoric that GOP officials spew about them.

BUT TRUMP HAS a serious chance of sinking below the 27 percent of the Latino vote that Republican Mitt Romney took the last election – one in which Barack Obama got that overwhelming 72 percent of the Latino vote.
Likely to continue trend of voting Dem by default
Not because we really thought that highly of Obama – all the rhetoric about him being the “deporter in chief” existed back then too. It’s that we thought even less of the guy with the delusions about “self-deportation.” We knew who was more hostile toward us, and we voted against him in great numbers.

Just as will happen to Trump come November. We will vote against “el Donaldo” at a record-setting rate. We'll react like Rep. Filemon Vela, D-Texas, the Congressman who told Trump to stick his talk of a U.S./Mexico border wall up his culo come Election Day.

But who do we vote for? That remains to be seen.

IT WAS INTERESTING to see the Puerto Rico primary on Sunday that went solidly for Hillary Clinton. How many Puerto Ricans on the mainland will follow the lead of their country cousins?
Got Latino vote because we despised McCain/Romney

There’s also the California primary scheduled for Tuesday, where news reports indicate that long-shot challenger Bernie Sanders thinks that younger Latino voters will split from their elders and support him – thereby making it possible for him to win that state’s primary.

That would be a blow to Clinton’s image of being able to unify Democratic voters. But Hillary is still so far ahead in the delegate count that she likely still wins the delegate count – and the presidential nomination.

Also, quite possibly, a majority of the Latino vote; unless we decide to collectively fall asleep while wearing a sombrero, take a siesta and miss Election Day altogether – which probably is the Trump campaign’s great fantasy. And also Trump’s only chance en infierno of not getting his clock cleaned by Latino voters.


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