Monday, June 13, 2016

What’s the difference between ISIS and Trump-loving conservative ideologues?

The world’s attention fell upon Orlando, Fla., and not because of anything that occurred at Disney World.

For in the early hours of Sunday, an armed man entered a club whose defining characteristic was that it was a place where gay people were not made to feel unwelcome.

AFTER A FEW hours, local police wound up engaging in a shoot-out with the man, and some 50 people were killed – along with more than 50 more wounded.

That puts it in the category of the worst mass shooting in our nation’s history. It seems the gunman who provoked the incident made statements claiming he did it in the name of Allah, and the ISIS activists of the Middle East also are taking credit – although it seems they are more interested in gaining public attention for themselves.

In short, the bloodbath occurred – it would seem – because someone objected to the concept of gay people being treated with any dignity or respect as human beings. What really frosts their bottom, however, is that western society generally is coming about to realize how ignorant homophobia can be.

Does that mean we can start thinking of those conservative ideologues who rant and rage about gay people being given special treatment every time they stick up for their rights as being aligned with ISIS or any of the other people of the Middle East who act up in ways they say are beneficial to Islam?

I’M PRETTY SURE that the conservatives of western society who have particular objections to gay rights would take great offense to such a statement. They probably would claim they are the real patriots willing to fight for our way of life.

Although I can’t help but wonder at how some of the ideological nonsense they spew about our society’s flaws really would put them in line with the way of thinking of these extremists who use Islam to try to justify themselves.

Perhaps our nation’s conservative ideologues on a certain level are jealous that they can’t use the extreme violent tactics of a group like ISIS against the people they disagree with?

Is that really what some people would like to have in terms of the way our culture operates? The extremism, except without all those funky Arabs. Whites only, please!

IT DID AMAZE me the degree to which so many officials were quick to come out with public acts intended to put distance between themselves and this incident. Heck, our very own Gov. Bruce Rauner was lagging behind, bringing up the rear literally in issuing the statement saying that flags at government buildings will fly at half-staff in tribute to the 50 deceased.

It’s not like this was even the only potential anti-gay incident of Sunday.

An arrest was made in Santa Monica, Calif., on Sunday of a man with a trunk-load of firearms and explosives. It seems he was headed for West Hollywood for an L.A. Pride festival to take place that day.

What kind of actions he had in mind, we don’t know. It seems he got caught before anything bad could happen. Which is the only reason we don’t have news reports of coast-to-coast anti-gay violence taking place in the United States.

THE SCARY THING is that these people probably do think, on a certain level, that they’re standing up for moral ideals. Just like I'm sure they'll find a way to condemn President Barack Obama for his Sunday statements defending the rights of those who were killed. I'm also sure all those people wearing those “Make America Great Again” caps and touting the ideals of Donald Trump think they’re doing right by society.

They ain’t.

And while I’m sure there are people who will argue that Trump really doesn’t buy into all the nonsense his presidential campaign has been spewing, the fact is that these are the kind of people who will get stirred up the most.

Which makes me wonder how many more actions like these do we have the potential to see in coming months? Even one is too many.


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