Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Did Hillary hand-pick Trump so she could beat crackpot come Nov.?

It’s an interesting conspiracy theory – put forth by wishful thinkers who have far too much free time on their hands.
GOP responsible for Trump, not Dem plotters
Donald Trump is a political plant – as in someone the Democrats (namely Hillary Clinton herself) set up to win the Republican presidential nomination for the Nov. 8 elections so as to ensure a Hillary victory.

AFTER ALL, THE only way that Clinton could overcome all the baggage brought about by her husband, Bill, and all the ideologues who are convinced she’s the ultimate witch-with-a-B who will steer this country in a permanent liberal direction, is to have a lunatic so far out on the fringe as an opponent that real people couldn’t possibly take him seriously.

Hence, we get Donald Trump instead of any of the 17 other people who campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination during this year’s primary election cycle.

But it is a theory I have a hard time taking seriously. Namely because I don’t think Hillary or any other Democratic operatives would be capable of pulling off something on such a grand scale as this.

I think if Trump weren’t serious about seeking the nomination, then he would not have been capable of drawing the support of that segment of our society that is determined to craft the Republican Party into a mechanization in their own ideological image, then use it to impose their authority over our society as a whole.

FOR ALL THOSE Republicans who can’t quite get their minds around the fact that they’re going to be nominating Trump to represent them come November when they gather later this summer in Cleveland, perhaps they need to realize just how much they have lost control of their political party.
Does Hillary have it in her to handpick opponent?

The Republican brand has come to mean a certain rigid ideological leaning, and also one that views urban life in this country as some sort of disease that threatens to spread from sea to shining sea.

It is the political party of rural America, so to speak. One that goes out of its way to make sure certain people know they don’t really fit in – and should not get too comfortable in this country because their time for removal will come!

Which is totally in line with much of the rhetoric that Trump is spewing these days while going from place to place and trying to talk himself up as a serious candidate for U.S. president.

IT’S NOT A grand conspiracy by opponents to undermine the Republican Party in this country. If anything, it is the end result of the trends that have been taking over the one-time Party of Lincoln for decades.

This is what Republican partisans have done to themselves – either through their apathy or, in some cases, active seeking of ideologically tainted support. The people within the Republican Party who are now trying to concoct last-minute schemes intended to deprive Trump of the GOP presidential nomination are seriously delusional themselves.

Perhaps more so than Trump himself if he seriously thinks any of his nonsense-talk about walls along the U.S./Mexico border will ever come true, or any of the other schemes he has brought up to push an isolationist and xenophobic vision of what this country ought to be about.

Then again, the kind of people to whom such a rant would appeal probably are gullible to believe that a conspiracy could be hatched to deprive them of a chance to have a president sympathetic to their desires.

PERHAPS THEY THINK such actions are possible because of the one known case where it seems a president was able to pick  his opponent with the idea of running against someone too weak to take seriously.
Latest conspiracy downright Nixonian!

That would be 1972 and Richard Nixon, who ultimately ran against Democrat Ed Muskie after other, more credible Democrats managed to collapse during the primary cycle. Do we really think that Hillary Clinton somehow concocted her own yet-to-be-discovered “Watergate” scheme to steal the presidency?

It’s just a little too nonsensical to take seriously.

Then again, so is much of what is taking place during this particular election cycle – one that is managing to develop credibility retroactively for all of the stupid political trash talk that took place in previous campaign years.


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