Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trump thinks the whole wide world will pay for his isolationist vision for U.S.

Likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was down in Atlanta on Wednesday, spewing his usual isolationist nonsense but with a slight twist.
TRUMP: Talkin' trash in Dixie!
Trump has his vision of imposing his will on the world. But he also seems to think the world will eagerly pick up the tab to pay the expense of maintaining the United States as the equivalent of a private country club for the world’s elite.

ACTUALLY, THE REASON this nation has been so successful is that we have been willing to take on the tired, the poor, the hungry masses yearning to be free. Because they’re the ones most willing to work hard and bust their behinds to achieve success.

But what caught my attention about Trump’s Georgia trash talk was the part where he talked of “safe zones” in Syria; places where those Middle Eastern people who now think of coming to the United States to seek a better life can go to instead of coming here.

Which strikes me as being the international affairs equivalent of the old “separate, but equal” doctrine.

But as Trump put it, the cost of building these zones “over there” would be paid for by those very countries. “We have to get them to pay for it,” said Trump.

IN SHORT, HE thinks we can penalize foreign nations financially to ensure that they maintain a modern-day segregationist vision for this nation.

I say “fat chance,” largely because no one else is going to cough up a dime just to help maintain our vision.

Just as Trump comes across as the ultimate fool if he really thinks the government of Mexico will assume the cost of erecting a barricade along the 1,900-mile border it shares with the United States.

He claims he can get them to do it by cutting off the ability of people already in this country to wire money back to their relatives in Mexico – which quite frankly is questionable, and probably so blatantly illegal.

JUST LIKE THE idea of Syrians, or any one else in the Middle East, paying the price for Trump to fulfill his vision of what this country ought to be like – one that doesn’t include themselves.

Now I don’t doubt that some people will want to hear xenophobic rants and dream of isolationist visions for themselves. Although I also note the polls that show Trump’s support went up in the days following his ridiculous rants about the weekend violence of Orlando, Fla.

According to a study published by the Reuters wire service, Trump went from lagging 13 percent behind likely Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton to only being 11 percent behind.

But the Bloomberg news service shows her with a 13 point lead over him, and an ABC News/Washington Post survey shows 70 percent of the nation views Trump unfavorably.

WHICH MEANS THAT in spewing rhetoric such as he did on Wednesday, Trump clearly has a vision in which his 30 percent turns out to vote while the rest of the nation gets apathetic and stays home. Perhaps he'll dream up a poll tax to ensure such a thing happens.

It clearly fits the vision of a person who thinks only certain individuals truly matter in our society. Which ought to be all the more reason why we ought to get off our behinds and cast ballots come Nov. 8. I’m realistic enough to know that anything can happen on an Election Day. There’s no such thing as a shoo-in winner.

Which is why I honestly think if Trump were to prevail, it would be our own fault for allowing it to happen. What Trump calls for is unrealistic because it fails to realize the fact that if the United States truly is to have a dominant influence over the world, we’re going to have to be prepared to pick up the tab.

For as I see it, Trump’s biggest flaw is that he’s a deadbeat who wants the rest of the world to pay for his twisted vision.


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