Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Quinn continues political crusades; this time for mayoral term limits

And some people wonder just why Democrats didn’t get all sad and mushy about the thought of Pat Quinn losing out as governor back in 2014 – even though what it has wrought in its replacement has fulfilled some of their worst nightmares.

QUINN: Crusader won't wither away
We got to see why yet again this weekend, when Quinn reared his head to take on what must be considered yet another of his causes – pet issues he will be prepared to beat to death regardless of who gets offended.

FOR QUINN IS now an activist-type who says his latest cause is term limits for the Chicago mayoral post. He wants to set it at two terms of four years each.

Which, if it were to become reality, would accomplish what voters weren’t able to do during the most recent municipal election cycle. Rahm Emanuel would be through.

He’d be able to finish out his current term. But he wouldn’t be able to try for term three come 2019.

Of course, there are those who believe that Emanuel has been bogged down with so much baggage that there’s no way he could win a third-term anyway. He has to settle for this being his final term in office.


The reality is that Democrats might not be able to come up with a credible challenger in 2019. They certainly weren’t able to do so the last time around. So the efforts to “Dump Rahm” may wind up focusing on forcing Emanuel off the ballot altogether.

Regardless, such an effort is not something that is going to put Quinn’s name on anyone’s guest list in coming months. Then again, Quinn is the guy who helped to create the Citizens Utility Board and also slashed down the size of the General Assembly by one-third.

If anything, his term-and-a-half as Illinois governor is probably the least significant part of his political career. His legacy will be as the guy who constantly nagged political people and pointed out their flaws and tried to shame them into doing the right thing.

WHICH DOESN’T REALLY work because many political people just don’t have any sense of shame to begin with.

Which is why they were more than willing to dump all over the Quinn gubernatorial request to extend the tax hikes he had imposed past a deadline so as to ensure there would be enough funding to cover government expenses.

You can say the Legislature, with its failure, created the current state financial mess – with Gov. Bruce Rauner’s politically partisan hard-headedness intensifying the degree to which damage has been done.

Yet I don’t think anybody seriously is wishing for a return of Pat Quinn to the governor’s mansion. The Republicans are glad to have someone bearing their own political label in place.

AND AS FOR the Democrats, many are probably glad to see that the self-styled government reformer who often was willing to turn his wrath on themselves is gone from the political scene.

Heck, there is irony in the fact that Quinn felt compelled to use a Sunday afternoon press conference to announce his effort to keep Emanuel from gaining any additional power through the benefits of incumbency.

It was his tactic from the days of old when he was the outsider banging on the doors of government desperately trying to get a response. A Sunday stunt means he gets on the Sunday television newscasts, largely because there’s little to nothing else happening that can be covered. Although it should be noted that last Sunday was the exception.

Which may wind up hurting chances of Quinn gaining attention for his latest term limits crusade – what with people potentially being more concerned with mass shootings and slaughter. Although I wouldn’t put it past Quinn to find a way to try to address that issue too on a future Sunday morning.


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