Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Are President Trump, along w/ backers, channeling their inner ‘Rhett Butler?’

Learning that President Donald J. Trump isn’t all that concerned about the quandary faced by children who may never be reunited with their parents who tried bringing their families with them to the United States couldn’t help but remind me of the old film, “Gone With the Wind.”

TRUMP: Even manages to intrude on family
You know what I mean, that bit at film’s end when Clark Gable’s “Rhett Butler” character tells Scarlet O’Hara, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

WHEN LEARNING THAT Trump on Tuesday is trying to oversimplify the whole situation as one of people not coming to this country “legally” (he said, “Don’t come to our country illegally. It’s not a good thing”) shows that it’s not just the Twitter version of Trump that is a nit wit.

But I also don’t doubt the kind of people who are enjoying this Age of Trump we’re now in aren’t the least bit offended. In fact, I suspect they view the upcoming political battle we’re going to engage in over Supreme Court control as an effort to cement such attitudes in place.

I suspect many of them, “don’t give a damn” either.

It was this past Saturday, around the same time that protesters trying to tie up traffic on the Dan Ryan Expressway were finishing their efforts, that I was at my aunt’s house.

SHE HAS AN annual gathering the weekend after Independence Day which often becomes the only time I see certain cousins of mine.

Sure enough, politics tainted much of the weekend conversation. I particularly noted (they were loud enough to be overheard in the next room) one conversation between a cousin whose labor union membership puts him on the “liberal” side of the equation and another cousin (who recently was able to retire early with a retirement plan that means he’ll be able to survive financially without having to work anymore) taking up (as he always does) the conservative side of the equation.
Is THIS Trump's ideal of 'America' great again?

Tempers became heated. People were being mocked mercilessly. And when “Cousin Jimmy” wound up giving me a ride home following the occasion, he insisted on giving me his rebuttal to much of the argument that had taken place.

Where Jimmy basically gave me his line of logic for approving of the Age of Trump – we ought to focus on economic issues, with everything else that gets discussed is pretty much irrelevant.

AS THINGS TURNED out, my cousin got a payout of just over $1 million. Although his finances are living proof that being a “millionaire” isn’t worth what people would dream it to be.

Basically, he leaves that money to sit, and has to count on the interest for income to survive. Which has him watching the Trump presidency for signs that he does things stupid enough that they upset the financial markets. Things that could cause his interest payments to decline.

Getting worked up over other issues? Cousin Jimmy is pretty much like Trump on the controversy of families being split, with children being seized from their parents and officials admitting they aren’t going to be able to meet any court-ordered deadlines for returning children to their parents.

Particularly those kids whose parents were already deported from the United States, or those who ultimately were released into the general population and we really don’t know where they are right now.

IT’S NOT IMPACTING their “bottom line,” so it’s not going to bother them. Just like Rhett didn’t care about Scarlet – although it should be conceded that Scarlet had pulled so much nonsense throughout that film it’s a wonder he didn’t smack her silly!
DELILAH: Will she have to fix our mess?

You might be wondering where I was in all this family squabbling. I made a point of staying in the other room – largely because it had a particularly cool breeze passing through that made it the most comfortable room in the house to be in.

But also because another of my cousins brought her daughter and 1-year-old granddaughter along. Personally, I find myself engaged in too much political rhetoric during the week to the point where I found baby Delilah to be far more interesting than any of the adults whose babbling was inane.

Although I also found my own thoughts turning to her; for it’s going to be she and her generation that winds up having to cope with the impact of all the nonsense our ideological rants are causing these days.


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