Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Would Illinois governor, or right-wing Latin American dictator, be the prototype for a Trump presidency

Should we wind up having to endure the presidency of a Donald Trump as a result of the November elections, it’s not quite clear what his governing style would turn out to be.

What comes out of a Donald Trump piñata -- little pink slips saying "You're Fired"
He’d be Bruce Rauner times 50 (as in he’d have say over all the states, rather than just Illinois). Or like one of those third-rate dictator types that have imposed their will on too many Latin American nations (maybe that's why he's obsessed with Mexico) throughout the years.

IT SEEMS THAT Trump thinks that stupid persona he created for the television program “The Apprentice” is somehow legitimate – that he’d have the authority to bark out orders and scream and screech “You’re Fired” at everyone who displeased him.

Just like we in Illinois have a governor now who thinks he can behave as some sort of benevolent dictator whose instructions are to be followed explicitly by the peons who actually have the nerve to think their election by the people to represent them in Congress gives them any say in the process.

In Illinois, we have seen how ridiculous this very notion is. Nothing gets done here. We’re at a standstill. Do we really need a national version of this happening as well?

Would Trump use Congress like Rauner acts to Madigan?
This vision of Trump as a buffoonish president only got reinforced for me Tuesday when I read the Washington Post’s report (complete with “Bob Woodward” byline) that told us how His Trumpishness thinks he can force the government of Mexico to pick up the cost of building that barricade along the U.S./Mexico border.

THE ONE THAT will turn out to be just as unsuccessful in keeping the outside world at bay as that one-time Berlin Wall was in keeping the Soviet sector of the German capital free from the “evil influence” of capitalism!

It seems that Trump is eyeballing all that money earned by Mexican citizens or people of Mexican ethnic ancestry in this country, then wired back to their relatives in Mexico.

There is a significant number of Mexicans who actually rely upon that money, and it does provide a measurable boost to the Mexican economy. Trump thinks he can mess around with the ability of people to wire money to Mexico, which will then cause the government to give in and make a one-time payment of some $10 billion to build a wall along the 1,900 or so miles of desert that separate the two nations.

Of course, federal laws concerning those payments do provide certain provisions for the government to mess with them, but only under certain specific and unique circumstances where national security or health is impacted.

IT IS OF questionable legal grounds that we’re even close to fulfilling any of those conditions! Unless you’re of the midget mentality that wants to believe Mexico’s very existence on Planet Earth somehow represents a security threat.

But as Trump perceives things, he makes his threat on Day One, on Day Two, “Mexico would immediately protest,” but then would be forced to acquiesce because it would have no choice. After all, no one says “No” to Donald Trump.

What kind of uniform would Trump adopt?
Which is such a laughable notion, particularly since Mexico this week installed a new U.S. ambassador with experience to handle a political lightweight like Trump with his laughable hair-do. Or if a “President Trump” were to adopt a military persona like one-time Chile dictator Augusto Pinochet!

It makes me wonder how big a meltdown he would experience the first time the Congress tells Trump to “stuff it” on one of his goofy proposals. Does he really think he can tell Congress, “You’re Fired!” and impose his will on us unilaterally?

IF ANYTHING, I probably owe the Illinois governor an apology for bringing his name into the equation. Both are corporate types who think they can bark orders and think other officials are insolent for not meekly complying with them.

But I don’t think Rauner at his worst would concoct this nonsensical a scheme – which really seems more intended to reinforce his backing among the segment of the Wisconsin electorate with xenophobic and nativist sentiments. They did, after all, cast their votes on Tuesday.

And Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was expected to win, even though he was publicly caught on video refusing to wear one of those cheese head hats – which may be the one thing he has done during this campaign that made any sense.

It would be more ridiculous than trying to put a sombrero on the head of Trump – the man who on Tuesday reminded us that Mexico, “has taken advantage” of the United States for years through “gangs, drug traffickers and cartels” responsible for “the extraordinary daily cost of this criminal activity.” Even though the demand for this criminal activity comes from the United States itself.


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