Thursday, April 21, 2016

EXTRA: An all-chick ticket; how humiliating for Donald to lose to THAT

Outspoken celebrity Rosie O’Donnell is a “pig,” while Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is a “bimbo.” And as for Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, they’re both too “fat” in their derrieres (which is actually part of their appeal to some guys).
TRUMP: Can he beat an all-female ticket
Those are the views that have been expressed by Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, and are just some of the comments that have been offered up as evidence that the New York real estate developer is a misogynist.

I’M MORE INCLINED to think he’s just a rube who thinks his money buys his sophistication. But he’s one of those people who’s not just garish and rude, he somehow thinks his crudeness makes him truth-telling.

Instead of just a goof whom women wouldn’t pay attention to if he DIDN’T have all that money.

So it is within that context that I couldn’t help but feel a chuckle at the comments made this week by political operative John Podesta, who said that likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will give serious thought to a woman as a vice presidential running mate.

Which I’m sure makes some people quiver and quake. After all, a running mate is supposed to be about picking someone unlike yourself so as to create a sense of balance.

A DUAL WOMAN ticket would totally trash that concept. Then again, this is an election cycle in which so much of the status-quo way of doing things is going straight into the trash can.

As far as the idea that two women running for office would scare away many voters, I’d say the kind of people who wouldn’t vote for a female pair at the top of the ticket are also the kind of people who have been going around thinking of Hillary as a “broad” whom they’d never vote for in the first place.

She’s not getting those kind of people – they’re the ones who think Trump’s trash talk about everyone unlike themselves makes him appealing. And makes the real majority of our society think he’s a goof.
CLINTON: Can she bring Trump ego in check?
It may well be that picking a female running mate will help appease those liberal ideologue types who now are hesitant to say they’d vote for Hillary because she’s supposedly “too conservative.”

IT WOULD MAKE her campaign unique in a historic way. And as for the argument I’ve heard from some that Hillary wouldn’t want attention distracted from her by a “first ever” female vice president, I’d have to say that’ nuts.

Hillary would be a first-ever female president. There’s no way a running mate takes attention from her – particularly if we get the image that somehow, Bill Clinton is back in a position of being able to influence the government.

A notion that I’m sure will scare certain people, while also amusing others who remember the nonsensical nature of those impeachment proceedings that took place nearly two full decades ago.

Besides, you’d have to admit it would be amusing to see if Hillary were to pick Sen. Elizabeth Warren (whom some people wanted to run for president herself). For she has done her share of Clinton bad-mouthing, and would probably have to publicly squirm at taking back some of her own hostile comments.

THEN, WE’D GET the sight a little later in the year of Trump having to give a concession speech after seeing some usually-Republican strongholds turn on him during a general election.

Just think of the shame that Trump would feel if he became the guy who couldn’t beat two dames (or whatever demeaning phrase he’d think of) in a presidential race?


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