Tuesday, April 5, 2016

EXTRA: Could White Sox get bogged down in N. Carolina political squabble?

How long could it be before the Chicago White Sox find themselves caught up in a political squabble concerning North Carolina’s passage of state laws perceived as openly hostile toward the gay community?

Future Bulls star and White Sox prospect was a Tar Heel
Several government officials across the country have imposed travel bans restricting their ability to do business with North Carolina companies, while Mayor Rahm Emanuel has publicly said he’d like to urge a Carolina-based business to relocate to Chicago – IF they wish to escape the restrictions of the state’s effort to outlaw legal protections for gay people.

WHAT DOES ANY of this have to do with the White Sox?

Just that the Sout’ Side ball club has so much of its minor league operations based in the Carolinas. Their top-level affiliate is the Charlotte Knights, while they also deliberately located two lower-level affiliates in Winston-Salem and Kannapolis.

The idea being that a Chicago team official having to do business with the minor league teams can catch a simple slight from O’Hare International Airport to Charlotte, then rent a car for a short drive to one of the other cities if need be.

Have the White Sox been dragged into a potential political brawl because of the cities they use to try to develop young ballplayers into major leaguers?

COMMON SENSE OUGHT to say “No.” Then again, common sense rarely is used in such situations. It would be too easy to drag the team into the situation to try to score political points.

Sox' AAA, ...
After all, common sense ought to have kept North Carolina from taking on this issue to begin with.

But the idea that some places were passing local laws specifying that gay people had the same legal protections and rights as everybody else strikes some individuals as too radical a concept to tolerate.

Just like those people who want to fight against local laws concerning gun ownership and try to pass laws mandating that everybody own a firearm!

... high A, and ...
WHAT MAKES THIS truly pathetic is the fact that North Carolina officials wound up including provisions regarding restrooms in public schools (presumably, private schools already are segregating). As in transgender people would be told their thoughts about who they are is wrong, and they have to urinate and defecate where they’re told.

... low A affiliates.
No matter how squeamish and uncomfortable it might make them. Honestly, for all the talk about perverts hanging around bathrooms, I’d think the bigger threat is to some clown who thinks he’s acting in Jesus’ name in sticking some “guy’s” head in a toilet bowl because he doesn’t act “manly enough.”

Particularly if it winds up happening in one of the ballparks. Which would truly be a disgraceful incident that would wind up drawing negative attention to the Chicago team indirectly.

Now I don’t know what the White Sox would, or could, do if this situation were to wind up causing problems. I’d like to think that people attending ballgames do so to escape nonsense like this.

Alabama could become point of common sense for White Sox
BUT ALL TOO often, the ideologues of our society insist on bringing their nonsense to places where is truly doesn’t belong.

Although perhaps it would be nice if at least one White Sox affiliate were to be somewhere in the Midwest within range of Chicago (like the Chicago Cubs who have minor league affiliates in Des Moines, Iowa, and South Bend, Ind. – both of which, ironically enough, were once White Sox affiliates).

I don’t know that such a move is in the works. Then again, perhaps we’ll have to see if incidents arise once the Knights’ Opening Day is held April 14.

It would be nice if calmer and cooler heads could prevail.


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