Tuesday, April 19, 2016

EXTRA: Lipinski has to be different

Dan Lipinski is a member of the Democratic caucus in Congress. Yet the public official from the Southwest Side and surrounding suburbs (he lives in Western Springs) always manages to be the exception.
LIPINSKI: Feeling the Bern?
He’s a Democrat because he was raised in Chicago, and his father served as both an alderman and congressman. He’s certainly not someone inclined to back the liberal leanings that Democrats often take.

SO WHAT SHOULD we make of the fact that Lipinski, who is one of the superdelegates from Illinois, says he’ll back Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for president if given the chance.

I think he’s just inclined to not want to back Hillary Clinton, which is how the establishment of the Democratic Party in Illinois and elsewhere is leaning.

So he backs Bernie, even though Dan is as far removed from ever feeling “the Bern” as one can get. He just doesn’t want to give in to a Hillary Clinton support. Although he does point out that back in the March primary elections in Illinois, a majority of voters in his congressional district supported Sanders.

So maybe it makes sense? Or maybe he’s just being cantankerous.

EITHER WAY, IT’S not likely to matter much. Since Lipinski  said he would cast his support as a superdelegate for Sanders if the Democratic primary winds up being a contested elected.

Which is NOT likely to happen. For the Dems have the primary between two candidates, and no one else taking any significant support.

It’s not like the Republican primary cycle where it is very likely that no one will take a majority of delegates – and it really will become a matter of political maneuvering and gamesmanship to determine who will wind up winning the GOP nomination for president.

Now if Lipinski starts saying he’d rather have a Republican as president over Hillary, then we have a significant story. Otherwise, backing Bernie is more a matter of “What else is new?”


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