Friday, January 11, 2019

You might as well build a ‘border wall’ from Legos for all the security a U.S./Mexico barricade would provide

Donald Trump has long been on a kick out of building a physical barrier to separate the United States from Mexico, going so far in recent days as to make the “compromise” gesture of building a wall out of steel slats – rather than concrete blocks.
Let's make Internet 'gag' a reality!

The Trumpster, who is quite deluded on so many issues, seems to think that would be more likely to placate the people who speak out against a border wall.

NOT THAT IT matters one bit. It’s the very concept of thinking we ought to have a physical barrier between the two major nations of North America (sorry Canada!) that so many people find offensive.

Particularly since it would involve the spending of so much money -- $5.7 billion is the most recent figure I have heard tossed about. In fact, the only thing more absurd than spending that much of taxpayer funds on this pathetic project is to keep being deluded that ANY other nation would pick up the tab, in any form.

No, the government of Mexico is not paying for this. Nor are they under any legal or moral obligation to pay for this Trump boondoggle of a project.

Of course, even if Trump himself were to use his personal wealth to pay for construction of a border barricade, I and most other people would still find the concept morally abhorrent! We are one continent – no matter how much ideologues want to split us apart.
Lego 'Trump' looks no more ridiculous … 

IN FACT, IF one seriously studies the southwestern portion of the United States, they’d see how obvious it is that we are one – even if all those white Texans want to think their presence in the region is something special.

Rather than something the rest of the nation often finds to be a cultural embarrassment to us all.

It’s why I almost get a chuckle when I see the gag image on the Internet that suggests Mexico will gladly pay for a border wall – if it means restoring the southwestern U.S. back to Mexico.
… than the real Trump

No more confusion about Texas or Arizona, Utah or Nevada or Colorado. And no more confusion about whether New Mexico ought to be regarded a “foreign” land.

TRUMP ON THURSDAY tried to advance the cause further by using Air Force One to take a trip to McAllen, Texas – which put him in sight of the U.S./Mexico border. And probably gave some Mexican citizens the laugh of a lifetime if they caught a glimpse of his absurd pompadour.

But Trump staged a border event that I’m sure was meant to scare the bejeezus out of ideologues of a particularly xenophobic bent – citing what he says are all the illicit items that get smuggled across the border.

He literally had federal agents set up a table containing assorted firearms, bags of illicit cash and heroin and meth bound with black tape into bricks. Which bears a strong resemblance to the same kind of presentation local cops make whenever they want to make their latest local drug bust seem much more significant than it really is.
A real southwestern 'restoration'

Of course, this stunt occurred one day after Trump walked out of a meeting with Democratic leadership of Congress to try to negotiate something serious. Not that Trump himself is about anything serious – he was just determined to tell people he rejected anything “that woman” (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) put forth to him.

IN REALITY THOUGH, it showed Trump is more interested in playing games with this border barricade issue than doing anything involving serious public policy. Seeing Democratic leadership refuse to give in to Trump’s inanity may well give them political points.

So since this has become nothing more than a game with public officials acting like children, I suggest that if a border wall is to be built, we do it from Legos. As in those plastic bricks children use to construct so many structures from their imaginations to reality.
Envision all those kids working along the border with their Legos
Seriously, a Lego-built wall wouldn’t be any less secure than a concrete- or steel-built one that Trump suggests. It wouldn’t stop anything or anyone from being able to get across the border. Just envision the image of children from all over the 1,900-mile border region combining their Lego building blocks to assemble a wall.

And since we’re talking about a child’s toy, it would make us admit that only someone with a child-like sensibility would in any way take this project seriously, no matter what form the 'wall' took!


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