Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Politicos’ heads filled with way too many cockamamie ideas for own good

Birthright citizen revocation as legitimate …
Learning of President Donald Trump’s desire to repeal the concept of birthright citizenship for certain kinds of people he thinks are undeserving is a completely stupid idea.

It’s something that goes so contrary to the concepts of the U.S. Constitution whose ideals the president is supposed to be upholding (remember that oath of office?). If anything, the fact that Trump could conceive of such an idea is merely the ultimate evidence that he’s unfit to hold elective office.
… as 3rd presidential term for Obama

BUT IT IS far from the only absurd idea I have heard when it comes to people who think they’re having intelligent discussion about our government operations.

Just the other night, I happened to be a part of a dinner-type conversation with people who came up with an idea for picking the next president. One that I’m sharing solely because I know the very concept will grossly offend the sensibilities of those individuals who think Trump has a good idea with regards to birthright citizenship.

These people would like to see one-time Vice President Joe Biden (who is in Illinois Wednesday for a pair of appearances on behalf of congressional candidates whose election would undermine the president’s political strength) run for president with Obama as a running-mate, then resign upon victory!
BIDEN: Scheming to be president-elect only?

I can already envision the veins bursting in the heads of all the people to whom Obama was everything that could ever be wrong with this country (because he wasn’t exactly like them). I also want to tell all of those people to relax – it can’t happen!

It took just a few minutes for me to look up the law to see that anybody ineligible to be elected president (as Obama is because he’s already maxed out at two, four-year terms) is also ineligible to ascend to the presidency.

BASICALLY, I SUPPOSE Obama could be elected V-P (although I can’t envision why he’d want to be), but he would then be skipped over. The House Speaker would become next in line of succession to be president.
BOLSONARO: Trump's new political idol?

In short, it’s political gibberish. Pure nonsense. Just like the ideas that Trump is now putting out there about birthright citizenship, which is the concept that anybody actually born in within the boundaries of the United States or its territories is a U.S. citizen – regardless of what circumstances brought them here or their parents’ life stories.

Of course, in the mindsets of followers of this Age of Trump we’re now in, it’s the legal loophole that allows a batch of filthy Mexicans to sneak into this country, give birth to kids and have those children be able to claim U.S. citizenship and all its benefits – both for themselves and, by extension, for their parents.

That’s an overly-complex conspiracy theory if you think about it. You probably have way too much free time on your hands if you believe there’s any significant truth to it.

BESIDES, THE IDEA of birthright citizenship has its backing in the U.S. Constitution. Which means Trump could theoretically sign off on an amendment if he could go through the years-long process of getting Congress, then a majority of state legislatures to back it.
Not just the law, would Michelle allow it?

He certainly can’t merely draft an executive order, sign it, then have it be so. Unless he’s envious of Jair Bolsonero, the newly-elected president of Brazil – whom many think is a right-wing tyrant who will take his country in a dangerous direction. The same one that, I suspect, Trump would like to do with the U.S.A.

There are those who think Trump’s real motivation is to stir up a debate in coming days so as to motivate his ideologically-inclined voters to turn out on Election Day, and that the idea could go on the back-burner come Nov. 7.

But even if that’s true, it is scary to think people in positions of power could be vacuous-enough to believe something so absurd is possible. In short, the 2020 election cycle can’t come soon enough!


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