Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hillary politically active, despite some wanting to view her as damaged goods

I’m sure ideologues are all riled up with anger at the very notion that Hillary Clinton was out this week on the campaign trail.
CLINTON: Backing her financial backer

Sure enough, Clinton made Chicago-area appearances Monday on behalf of the Illinois gubernatorial campaign of J.B. Pritzker. She’s letting it be known she thinks the wealthy fundraiser who contributed many millions of dollars to support her presidential aspirations of 2008 and 2016 is a worthy pick to be our state’s governor.

OF COURSE, TO listen to the ideologues, Hillary Clinton is supposed to be the woman living out the rest of her life in shame and disgrace. She’s supposed to be someone who we find to be so repulsive that other political people ought to be running in the opposite direction every time they see her approaching.

They certainly shouldn’t be seeking her political support, or be viewing her positively in any way!

Yet in the ultimate evidence that this Age of Trump we’re living in is really a mindset of a minority segment of our society, we have Pritzker more than willing to be seen with Clinton – perhaps riling up a majority of Illinoisans to think that picking Pritzker is Step One towards undoing the notion that Trumpian ideals are in any way in control of our country.

While also reminding the nation as a whole that Illinois is NOT part of the reason we have a “President Donald J. Trump” in the first place. Don’t blame us! We didn’t vote for the boob!
PRITZKER: Gave Hillary $14.7M in '16

TO WHICH I’LL offer an immediate apology to boobs (and nit-wits) everywhere for implying in any way that Donald Trump is on the same level as them. He's worse!

But back to Hillary, whom some people like to say is the worst candidate ever to be nominated by a major political party. The real reason, they want us to believe, that Democrats lost the 2016 election cycle to Trump.

Those people always want to disregard the level of bigotry that backs Trump to this day. It’s as though they don’t want to have to acknowledge issues of gender, race and ethnicity that they have contempt for, and don’t want to be called out on the fact that their contempt was so great that they voted for the worst candidate who ever actually managed to win a presidential election.
TRUMP: He's Hillary's ultimate target

So for Hillary Clinton to be out campaigning publicly, allowing herself to be seen and for her support to be gladly accepted by people with their own political aspirations? It’s a mighty blow to the oft-twisted ideals that the right-wing elements of our society want to think we all ought to have.

JUST AS I’M sure they view Bill Clinton as equally offensive. He’s supposed to be the president who was impeached, and by whom anybody with any association to him was forevermore supposed to be tainted beyond reproach.

Instead, they seem to keep coming back into influence, largely because it seems the ideological leanings the critics espouse are the ideals that many of us find to be truly repulsive.

Almost as if that old cliché about “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is the way many of us – even those who are apathetic towards the efforts of the Clintons to moderate liberal and progressive ideals out of a belief that it is the only way to win an election – view Bill and Hillary.

Particularly in the case of Hillary, we might not be all that enthused about her continued political presence. But appearing to back her in any way – such as J.B. Pritzker is doing now – is a very practical way of reminding voters that they’re not aligned with anything coming out of the White House administration of “The Head Cheeto” himself.


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