Friday, October 26, 2018

Political thugs trying to scare people from voting for Democrats come Nov. 6

It shouldn’t be surprising that the bulk of political candidates for whom I’ve cast ballots for throughout the years have been Democrats – I’m urban in orientation and the modern-day Republican Party is largely a collection of rural types who are openly hostile to my existence.
A sentiment many of us should follow this year on Election Day
But I have to admit that in this year’s election cycle, I’m feeling extra-compelled to vote for Dem politicos – even if they don’t exactly bring to mind fond memories of JFK or FDR.

I MAY WELL go down the line and pick out a straight-ballot ticket. Even though Illinois a couple of decades ago did away with the option of allowing for a straight party-line vote with a single punch. An action, by the way, that was a product of the two-year mid-1990s time period when Republicans had full control of the mechanisms of Illinois government.

Yes, I can appreciate the flaws of the eight years we had of Barack Obama (he wasn’t tough enough in dealing with Republican ideologues who smacked him around all over the place, even though GOP partisans want to believe he was somehow running roughshod over everybody’s rights).
High-minded ideals … 

I’m not an apologist for Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter – the two other Democrats to serve as president in my lifetime. As for LBJ, I was just a newborn back when he was the boss whose record of supporting civil rights reforms offended conservative ideologues, and U.S. involvement in Vietnam managed to offend everybody else.

But I find the bullying nature of President Donald Trump to be so offensive that I feel the need to take whatever ballot action I can to try to undermine it. And realize fully that it will take a great majority of similar-minded voters to do so in order to create a balancing presence within the federal government.
… and actions of the past, or … 

NOT EVEN JUST a slim majority (remember the 3 million-plus more voters Hillary Clinton had in ’16, yet still lost?). It will take many people expressing their outrage at the ballot box.

Because we really need to make a statement come Election Day that a real majority of our society finds this Age of Trump to be downright appalling.

It feeds into the ideologue mentality, which is that everybody who isn’t like them ought to just “Shut the f*** up!!!” and do what we’re told by their like-minded souls.
… more present-day thuggery?

That certainly is how I’m perceiving the actions of recent days during which dangerous packages were sent to former presidents Clinton and Obama, one-time Vice President Joe Biden and even actor Robert DiNiro – who has had the nerve (as they want to perceive it) to express his own opposition.

THERE EVEN WAS an incident Thursday where the Statehouse in Springfield was on “lockdown” status – and a powdery substance in a baggie was found in a public restroom. Maybe some crackpot who thinks he can hit the halls where Democrats led by Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, do their work?

It seems to be that the thugs of our society are crawling out of the woodwork to try to terrify people into “voting the ‘right’ way” come Election Day.

And many of those individuals are the ones who get all riled up every time Trump feels compelled to talk up more trash. More “fake news” rants. In fact, I won’t be the least bit surprised if someone feels compelled to respond to this commentary with a ridiculous rant or two.

It actually has me wondering what would happen if the 2020 election cycle were to end with a Trump defeat in the Electoral College – would Trump try to concoct a scheme by which he refuses to leave the White House, and his supporters would mentally justify a coup d’etat on the grounds that we “need” The Donald to complete the chaos he has wrought in recent years.

IT WOULD CERTAINLY be in character with the kind of people who think the recent day’s actions are in any way justifiable.

It even fits in with the concepts being espoused by a new television spot funded by a Ricketts family-funded political committee (Todd is, after all, a Republican National Committee finance chairman); one that says “voting for any Democrat” will cause all kinds of chaos within our society.
Even though many would argue that all it would really do is bring to an end the chaos that has been wrought during these Trump Years.

But when you’re an ideologue inclined to believe everybody not like yourself is evil, then perhaps you’re willing to talk such trash. Which is something we all ought to be opposing in coming days as Step One in making our nation truly great again.


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