Wednesday, October 3, 2018

EXTRA: From Bridgeport to the Bronx

I couldn't help but be amused Wednesday night while watching the American League's Wild Card game -- won by the New York Yankees 7-2 over the Oakland Athletics.
With such a big lead and seeing Yankees relief ace Aroldis Chapman (also a one-time Cubbie) shutting down the Athletics, I couldn't help but detect the chant coming from the Yankee faithful -- the chorus from Steam's lone hit song "Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye."

AS IN THE musical chant that has been a part of the Chicago White Sox baseball scene since the days of the South Side Hit Men ball club of 1977. Has the chant (usually a way of rubbing it in to a ballclub that you're about to beat them big time!) become that generic to the sports scene.

Or will Yankees fandom try to claim they originated the chant? Who's to say! They are the ones who think their longtime broadcaster Phil Rizzuto originated the phrase "Holy Cow!," even though we all know Harry Caray was a baseball broadcaster using that phrase back when Rizzuto was just a kid ballplayer.

Now, as we Chicagoans bid adieu to baseball for the season (I suspect many will give the remaining ballgames a cursory glance), here's a reminder of what we have heard on many an occasion at Comiskey Park and other homes of the White Sox.

And here's hoping it won't be too long before White Sox fans will have the chance to sing it against some National League maroon in the World Series.


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