Friday, October 5, 2018

Attorneys who prosecute for political reasons stink – no matter who does it!

There are those of a certain partisan political leaning eager to feed into a fantasy that a newly-elected state Attorney General Erika Harold would handle an investigation into the criminal behavior of Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.
MADIGAN: Ending AG term w/ Gov. investigation

Of course, much of what these ideologues want to say is “criminal” amounts to little more than the fact that Madigan, as a Democrat, disagrees with many of the policies they’d like to see the state impose on all of us.

SO PERHAPS THERE is a touch of appropo to the fact that soon-to-be former state Attorney General Lisa Madigan is doing her own investigation against the man – Gov. Bruce Rauner – who has been aggressive in spewing the rhetoric that “Speaker Mike” is a crook.

Specifically, Lisa Madigan wants to determine if the outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease that occurred at the Veterans Affairs facility in downstate Quincy in any way was worsened by neglect by the state that could constitute criminal behavior.

In short, is the man whose re-election desires are based on the notion that Mike Madigan is a crook really nothing more than a crook himself – one whose behavior resulted in aging military veterans in need of care becoming ill, or more than a dozen dying outright?

Or is all this rhetoric merely misuse of legal issues to try to punish one’s political opponents. Criminalizing politics – or at least the notion of being in an opposition party.
Ideologues would fight over whether Rauner … 

THAT MAY BE the scariest thought of all. Because it would put our society in the same league as many of the societies that we like to spew high-minded rhetoric about how superior we are to them.

To be honest, I don’t think Rauner has done anything blatantly illegal. Certainly nothing that ought to result in him spending the next few years following his possible Nov. 6 electoral defeat having to fight off criminal charges.

And while I don’t think that Lisa Madigan is somehow being a spiteful witch threatening to prosecute the man who keeps implying that her father is somehow worthy of criminal prosecution, you just know the conservative ideologues are going to want to view the issue in exactly such a manner.
… or Madigan is more of a 'crook'

If anything, Madigan’s actions are all the evidence needed as to why people who think that an “Attorney General Harold” ought to prosecute Speaker Mike are being downright ridiculous.

FOR THE PURPOSE of the state attorneys general is to serve as the lawyer advising state government on the limits of the law whenever they engage in their schemes on assorted issues.

In short, they’re there to defend state officials, not be the prosecutors. It really is the individual state’s attorneys across Illinois who ought to be taking on such criminal cases.

Which in this case means the state’s attorney for Adams County, Ill.; that Western Illinois place along the Mississippi River that would like to think it is still a significant port city – and not just the place where residents of the local veterans’ home died due to appalling circumstances.

Yet State’s Attorney Scott Farha has been quick to not only distance himself from any such action, he was even quicker to dismiss Lisa Madigan’s actions as being, “politically motivated.”

THAT MAY, OR may not be true. Yet it also creates circumstances where people can quickly conclude that Farha, as a Republican, is merely being protective of his political party counterparts – rather than trying to get to the truth of what happened in Quincy.
Did we believe Nixon when he said he was 'not a crook'

This has become a case where partisan politics is going to interfere with ever determining what occurred at that veterans’ home – and who was in any way responsible.

Trying to determine if Bruce Rauner was more of a crook than Mike Madigan was gets us tied up with side issues that most likely aren’t relevant to the case. They’re distractions.

Besides, those of us of a certain generation know that in politics, there’s only one man who deserves to be called a “crook” – that’s Richard M. Nixon. Although I’m wondering if President Donald J. Trump these days is giving him a run for the money for that label?


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