Friday, August 17, 2018

Partisan politics run amok at all levels

Trump has one thing in common with Rauner, … 
It may well be my generation’s contribution to the electoral process – we not only tolerate the overly partisan nature that prevents things from occurring, we encourage it.

The notion of people of the opposition political party being demonized because they have the unmitigated gall to think differently. How dare they!?!

PERSONALLY, I ALWAYS have thought the partisan nature of our electoral set-up has the advantage of preventing either “side” from running amok; from being out-of-control.
feeling the need to demonize an opponent

Literally for letting them behave as though politics is an “all or nothing” game with the loser needing to learn to shut up and take it – as in whatever abuse the political opposition feels like dishing out.

We’re at a point now in this Age of Trump in which our nation’s chief executive is determined to demonize everyone in the majority of society who is embarrassed by his garish behavior.

Take his behavior Thursday, when he responded to the joint effort by dozens of daily newspapers across the country to choose as their editorial subject for the day the notion that the president is literally sitting on his brains every time he goes off on a tangent about news organizations being the “enemy of the people.”

TRUMP USED PHRASES such as “collusion” to take shots at the joint action – which usually is a term that implies some form of criminal conspiracy. As though he thinks federal prosecutors ought to be working on a joint prosecution of all the publishers and editorial writers who did work on putting together a joint statement.

Which basically amounts to saying that the newspapers so often being dumped on by Trump aren’t going to take it being smacked about anymore.
For the governor, it's "Blame Madigan!"

Far from being criminal in intent, it feels more like the schoolyard bully gets his keister kicked in by the very people he has been taunting, then goes about complaining that the people he has been terrorizing have no business thinking about fighting back.

Personally, I’m viewing my own retribution as coming in 2020 – when we as a society have our chance to considering a collective Trump Dump! If we can’t get ourselves organized to pick somebody else (there were 3 million more of us who wanted the concept of “President Hillary,” remember?), then perhaps we deserve what we get.

YET IT’S NOT just at the federal level where such nonsense talk takes place.

Take our very own Illinois, where Gov. Bruce Rauner is trying to turn the political unpopularity he has into some sort of statement about Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago – whose actual “offense” is that he has refused to cooperate with Rauner’s partisan desires to undermine the influence of organized labor within state government.

On Thursday in Springfield as part of the Democrat Day activities at the Illinois State Fair, there was a line of questioning amongst some reporter-types about whether Madigan is a “liability” to Democrats.

The state legislator who is now executive director of the state Democratic Party says this election should not be about “individual personalities.” While Kwame Raoul (the Dem seeking election as Illinois attorney general) merely responded “My name is Kwame Raoul, Next question?”

PERHAPS TRUMP WOULD like the kind of press questioning that presumes his partisan political principles have a basis in truth, just like Rauner got on Thursday. Although I’ve also seen speculation that the “questions” came from political operatives trying to spin the line of rhetoric.
For Trump, it's the content of what is published in all those little boxes
So what should we think? Do we have people openly hostile to the partisan stances of our elected officials?

Or do we have elected officials openly hostile to the concept that not everybody in our society agrees with what they think?

The cliché says that “Everybody has a right to be wrong.” The reality is that a society where everybody agrees would be not only an un-American concept, it would be a downright dull place in which to have to live.


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