Monday, June 25, 2018

Trumpsters can’t find any place to eat, other than Trump Hotel restaurants?

I don’t doubt this is a confusing time in the life of those people who are all supportive of this Age of Trump that our society now lives in.

TRUMP: Thinks the country loves him
These people want to believe they’re now in charge and that the whole rest of the world has to learn to “suck it” and take whatever abuse they feel like dishing out. Yet they keep getting reminders of just how repulsive the real majority of us find them to be.

FOR TWICE IN the past week, there were incidents where people aligned with Trump wound up getting chased out of restaurants they were trying to eat in.

Based on the Internet-based commentary (almost all of which is anonymous) I have stumbled across, it seems as though those people want to view these incidents as the equivalent of certain individuals being forbidden to eat at a Woolworth’s lunch counter of old.

Discrimination, they scream! Harassment! Bigots engaged in trash behavior, they want us to think.

Which is a batch of nonsense, of course. In fact, it reinforces the notion that the people who now scream about “reverse racism” are the exact same types of people who, a generation ago, complained about all those racial minorities being “uppity!”

NOW FOR THOSE who’ve been hiding away in a cave, there was an incident in Washington, D.C., at a Mexican restaurant where a group including Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen found themselves being taunted while they tried to eat.
NIELSEN: Harassed during her meal

Cries of “Shame!” and “End Family Separation!” were shouted at the group while they tried to eat. It also seems other customers at the restaurant while this incident occurred wound up applauding when the Nielsen party ultimately departed.

Now some might want to dismiss this as the type of trashy behavior we see from urban places. But then came another incident in a community some 70 miles away. Lexington, Va., to be exact, where presidential press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders herself showed up to eat.

It seems the restaurant staff, some of whom are gay, decided they were offended by Sanders’ presence. They didn’t want to serve her. Their boss wound up agreeing.

WHICH RESULTED IN Sanders being told to leave within minutes of being seated, and her party of guests deciding to accompany her.
SANDERS: Didn't even get appetizer

Now I’d feel some sense of support for Nielsen and/or Sanders, except for the fact that both of them decided to use Twitter accounts to make themselves out to be the victims. Someone dared to express the notion that they disagreed with the behavior of these two public officials!

Which the supporters of this Age of Trump probably think is repulsive – all people are supposed to be in agreement with them. Or else, they’re supposed to be silenced!

Instead, they got treated with the same kind of gross disrespect that they often advocate for other people. And that they openly support whenever their boss, himself, does it to the masses in our society.

IF ANYTHING, IT strikes me as the masses fighting back in whatever little way they could against the bully that these people want unleashed on our society.

Only place he's welcome?
Now I don’t doubt there will be consequences. I noticed the Washington Post account pointed out the fact that the city in which Sanders went to a restaurant is one that voted overwhelmingly in 2016 for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, while the surrounding county went for Trump.

Which truly is the trend everywhere in our nation. Citified people tend to be the critics, while those people who live in communities isolated from the populated masses are the ones who prefer the Trump ideology about life.

Odd only because I suspect Trump himself (a very urban, and also rather gauche, Manhattanite when he’s not spending time at his Mar del Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla.) would never be caught dead living in any of the communities where he is beloved.


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