Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trump's compromise? Do it my way!

I’m sure that in the mind of President Donald J. Trump, he is the ultimate compromiser.

TRUMP: His idea of compromise is still wrong
He did, after all, sign off this week on an agreement related to people trying to enter the United States that goes contrary to the nonsense-talk he has been spewing in recent weeks.

THE RHETORIC THAT justified children being removed (by force, if necessary) from their parents, who were then being detained as federal officials pondered their circumstances to figure out if there was any reason for allowing them to remain in this country – or should they just be deported?

Since in the minds of those people who actually believe in the nonsense of the Age of Trump, all foreigners are a problem who ought to be removed, it creates chaos.

Particularly since we have to figure out what to do with all those children who now, theoretically, are in U.S. custody. We are now responsible for their well-being.

The fact that many of those children were being detained in camps that were one step up from prison conditions had many people appalled. Heck, even Trump’s wife and elder daughter, allegedly, have been giving him grief about these circumstances.

BUT TRUMP ISN’T about to do anything that manages to offend the sensibilities of the nitwits who voted for him and remain devoted to his causes. So instead of realizing the problem is that children are being detained in miserable conditions, Trump’s solution is to keep the families together.

Because he’s not about to ease up on his larger goal – which is to keep as many of those parents from being able to establish a life for themselves in this country.

It’s almost like those places that view pregnant women who are incarcerated as somehow being acceptable to care for their children. In prison!

It’s twisted and kind of sick when you think about it. But the Trumpster is just too determined to have the long-arm-of-the-law cracking down on those “foreigners” whom he is determined to think are being “criminal” just by the nature of where they were born.


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