Friday, June 1, 2018

EXTRA: June 12 is back on, for now

So it seems that June 12, in Singapore is back on. President Donald J. Trump said Friday following an hour-long-plus meeting with aides to Kim Jong Un of North Korea that he's once again willing to meet with that nation's leader in hopes of reaching some sense of agreement with that rogue nation.

What will actually come out of such a gathering? We'll have to wait and see. Actually, we'll have to wait and see if the gathering actually takes place. Trump could easily have another hissy fit in the next week-and-a-half and cancel the session once again.

I DO HAVE one thought bopping through my mind; do the ideologues who perpetually rant against the United States trying to reach a sense of peace with Cuba now ease up their rhetoric since they're so eager to see Trump get his "Nobel Prize" for bringing peace with North Korea -- a nation we technically remain at war with some seven-decades after the shooting stopped.

Not likely. Ideologues rarely care about fact or logic when making their arguments.

So does this mean the ideologues now resurrect their talk that Trump is worthy of the Nobel Prize (which they think he's entitled to because former President Barack Obama managed to win one for his efforts related to the Middle East)?

And how peeved would they become if it turns out the Nobel types think Kim's actions are more worthy of the prize? Not that I'm saying they will be -- having two irrational leaders trying to achieve peace always has the potential to create chaos. And I don't mean the humorous kind that the International Organization of Evil of "Get Smart" used to engage in.


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