Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Trump thinks he’s being too soft on immigration? How delusional is he!

We most definitely have a serious split in our society when it comes to the concept of what makes for a rational immigration policy.

TRUMP: Who thinks he's soft on immigration
Because for all the nonsense-talk that President Donald Trump has spewed with regards to immigration and increased deportations and erections of border barricades, it seems that Trump-backers think he’s being weak.

I COULDN’T HELP but chuckle at the CNN report about the meeting Trump had this weekend at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida to talk with assorted advisers – many of whom were of the view that the presidential political base thinks Trump is “softening” on immigration.

All of those Tweets from a twit meant to inspire those of a belief that immigration reform means increased deportations and the threats that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is now a dead policy with no chance for extended existence and how we need to move forward with erecting a barricade along the U.S./Mexico border?

Not good enough to appease the ideological buffoons of our society. No matter how much Trump’s talk manages to irritate those amongst us of a more rational line of thought, it’s not enough!

Some of us are just going to demand that our society devolve down to an absolute “police state” before they’ll be satisfied. Heck, even then they probably will find something to be peeved about. Some people will just never be satisfied.

NOT THAT THIS attitude should come as a surprise.

All past efforts to enact serious reform of our national immigration policy (which actually is long overdue, there are some serious flaws in the way things are now handled) have been thwarted by these ideologues.

All efforts by former President Barack Obama to push for serious reform went nowhere because the ideologues played hardball in hopes of gaining their borderline fascist fantasies. While Obama gained the tag of “deporter-in-chief” amongst some Latino activists, he got lambasted by others for the exact opposite tag.

OBAMA: Too soft to fight for immigration?
It seems the same split is at work here. The people who thought Obama too weak on immigration policy ought to realize how backward their line of thought was, since it ought to be apparent (if it wasn’t already obvious enough back then) how intense the opposition to serious immigration reform was.

HECK, THE PEOPLE who were vehemently opposed to Obama (and who turned on George W. Bush when he tried pushing for immigration reform towards the end of his presidency) are now thinking that Trump’s overly-hostile immigration rhetoric is too weak!

What it comes down to is that some people amongst us just are never going to be satisfied. And that to those individuals, Trump’s “Making America Great Again” means putting them in charge so they can force their own vision on the rest of us.

Just how over-the-top is that vision?

Consider that Trump, as a way of getting around the fact that a majority of Congress and the public are never going to accept his “border wall” in large-part because of the expense such a project would ring up, has suggested that perhaps “the military” could fund it.

AS THOUGH WE could take that stretch of desert and heavily-polluted land around the Rio Bravo del Norte/Rio Grande and turn it effectively into an army-base – heavily armed and perhaps even containing a moat with man-eating alligators inside.

BUSH: Lost supporters over immigration
It gets scary when stupid suggestions from then-presidential candidate Herman Cain (remember 2012?) wind up being taken seriously by anybody.

Because that’s the level of thought we’ve devolved to if people seriously think Trump isn’t being extreme enough when it comes to his cheap talk on immigration policy.

And to which our society’s saving grace is that Trump appears to be too politically incompetent to actually get anything done, while too egotistical to listen to people who can. Which may be the saddest comment of all.


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