Thursday, April 5, 2018

Chicago and Illinois back efforts to thwart count of citizens, not all people

It shouldn’t come as a shock that Chicago municipal and Illinois state governments are officially joining in a lawsuit filed in New York challenging the federal government’s attempt to gain an official count of citizens, rather than all people, when the next Census Bureau population count is done in 2020.
Emanuel fighting against proposed Census change, ...

For all the rancid rhetoric spewed by President Donald Trump against Chicago, it would only be natural that we’re going to be mistrustful of anything the “Twit who Tweets” tries to do.

WHILE I’M SURE that in Trump’s mind, the whole world is supposed to keep quiet and take whatever abuse he feels like dishing out, in the real world, people tend to fight back.

With real people usually siding against the bully who tries to push people around. I  couldn't help but notice that even the Republican candidate for attorney general, Erika Harold, is speaking out against Trump on this issue -- that's how bad an idea it is.

So we now have lawyers from Chicago city and the Illinois attorney general’s office cooperating with the lawsuit, which says the desire by Trump to have the Census Bureau add a question about everybody’s citizenship status is little more than a cheap trick to get certain types of people to avoid participating

Which would result in their being under-counted and would mean certain regions of this nation where the locals are more Trump-friendly would wind up gaining more influence.
... as is Lisa Madigan

BECAUSE, AFTER ALL, the Census population count is a very significant action that determines how government allocates its resources.

I’m sure the Trump-types think that anything given to anybody else is a resource wasted.

Personally, I view the idea of a citizenship count as wasted effort, because the Census is supposed to be a count of how many PEOPLE are actually living here. In a sense, citizenship is an irrelevant issue,

Now I have heard some individuals say they fear that marking “no” on a form asking “Are you a U.S. citizen?” will result in the federal government focusing more attention on them.

SOME FEAR THE Census Bureau will wind up notifying Immigration and Customs Enforcement about their existence – and the end result will be more harassment.
Trump would prefer sycophants in charge

I’m not so sure I see that, since the Census already asks people to indicate their ethnicity and race (I always mark down that I am of Mexican-ethnic origins – both of my grandfathers were born there, along with one of my grandmothers).

Technically, that could open me up to official harassment from the federal government, since I don’t doubt there are some people in positions of authority stupid enough to think that all Mexicans, if not all Latinos, or anything even remotely ethnic ought to be illegal – and that the ones who have citizenship are somehow taking advantage of a “loophole” in the law.

Even though U.S. citizenship itself is really little more than an accident of birth. It’s certainly not a mark of an individual’s superiority in any way.

BUT THE TRUMP-types don’t want to view life and our society that way, which is why we get such nonsense-talk about making an issue of citizenship and the Census.
So bad an idea not even Harold can back it

Which is likely to create yet another drawn-out legal battle; one that could last for months – if not years.

The ideologues talk about the need to “protect voters” and ensure that the Voting Rights Act is being complied with. Although their view of following the law usually amounts to thinking that only certain individuals ought to have a right to cast ballots – as in the ones who will use them to support the “right” candidates.

Which, to me, sounds like such an un-American ideal. All the more reason we Chicagoans ought to feel pride that our officials are on the proper side, and we can only hope their lawsuit ends successfully, just as other legal initiatives that have thwarted Trump desires to end sanctuary cities and to cut off their federal funding.


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