Saturday, April 29, 2017

We made it through the 100-day mark; only 1,360 more to go for Trump

New York real estate mogul Donald J. Trump is no longer beginning his new venture as U.S. president; he has completed the time period during which he supposedly is filled with so much vim and vigor that he’s able to get things done.
TRUMP: He's no longer new, he's just incompetent

Of course, there is nothing typical about the way Trump has handled the political post to which a vocal minority of the electorate chose him to fill back in November.

SO TRUMP ISN’T exactly wrong when he says the 100-day standard is kind of trivial, and really shouldn’t mean much of anything.

But then again, he’s accomplished so little that the Trump presidency is bordering on truly pathetic – even though Trump’s view of the world claims he has achieved significant goals that will forevermore change mankind. There are those who say he has the worst presidential start ever – although most would have said that regardless of what Trump actually accomplished.

Then again, even Trump can’t really be specific about what those goals were!

The one thing we do have to credit the Trump administration for is that it managed to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States – one that had been open for more than a year.

THE NATION’S HIGH court is now up to a full compliment of nine justices, with a slight partisan lean toward the conservative ideologues of our society.
OBAMA: His health care reform still stands

That is a fact that has the more progressive segments of our society terrified, but then again some of them were among the lazy ones who didn’t bother to turn out to vote in the Great Lakes region – resulting in the Trump political victory by which 46 percent of the popular vote and 2 million fewer than his opponent was enough to win.

Of course, with both the Senate and House of Representatives containing Republican majorities filled with politicos who view the ideologues of our society as the only ones who matter, it would have been downright pathetic if Trump couldn’t get his nominee for the Supreme Court confirmed.

It is a rigged process of people who will benefit no matter how incompetent or crazy Trump behaves as president. That truly is the scary part about this era we’re now in.
LINCOLN: Now HE had a tough 1st 100 days

OF COURSE, TRUMP also can claim to have authorized a military action involving Syria – which may make his bloated ego feel particularly satisfied. In fact, I suspect Trump is eager to find a war that he can engage the United States military in.

Perhaps he thinks that being a war-time president is the one way in which his approval rating can shoot up to a majority standard.

Although the truly great leaders of our society are the ones who manage to figure out ways around armed conflict – acting like diplomats rather than armchair generals.

Heck, Abraham Lincoln’s presidency is acknowledged for the way it kept a country from splitting in two, but let’s be honest. Lincoln himself would eagerly have done whatever he could to avoid war – to the point where some of his thoughts cause the pundits of today to accuse him of being a closet bigot.

PERHAPS AS OPPOSED to Trump, who wants to publicly be thought of as someone sympathetic to those who want public policy set by their racial and ethnic hang-ups.

That’s what gets us talk about foreign travel restrictions, walls along the U.S./Mexico border and immigration restrictions in general, including the elimination of sanctuary cities and the erasing of the Affordable Care Act– all of which are among the failures Trump has achieved because he inherently is a political amateur outclassed by the public officials with whom he must deal. Which benefits our society as a whole.
Now water ringed?

Although personally, I think the most appalling aspect of Trump is the little news nugget that the Reuters wire service uncovered in a presidential interview – that red button rigged up on his desk that calls for a uniformed servant to bring him a Coke at his Oval Office desk.

That’s the famed Resolute desk that John F. Kennedy used to work at (and John John played under), and that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama also used as a tribute. I wonder if Trump has the sense to use coasters, or if he’s defiling that famed desk with little rings of water from his drinks?


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