Monday, April 17, 2017

Taxman’s taking my money; there’s nothing left for political contributions

I can’t help but laugh at the most recent financial pitches I have received through the e-mail seeking my money.
We may fantasize, but is it worth our cash?

They’re coming to me in this weekend when I have to make my annual accounting to the Internal Revenue Service as to how successful I have been financially as a freelance writer, and I have to “pay up!” my share to the government.

SO THE IDEA that I have anything to spare right now, other than marking that one box on the tax return that asks if I’m willing to kick in $3 to the presidential election campaign fund, borders on being humorous.

Although to tell you the truth, a part of me is so appalled by the way the electoral process turned out this past cycle that I don’t know if I want to make the symbolic gesture that is supposed to benefit all of the general election candidates.

A part of me finds the CHC Bold PAC’s request for as little as a $1 donation to be more worthwhile, although if one reads their e-mail, it is quite clear they’re more than willing to take significantly larger donations.

And, of course, the group that wants to promote Latino political involvement in Congress is using a common tactic – they say their records show I have made “no donation” to their effort.

WHOSE PURPOSE IS to promote the concept of impeaching Donald Trump. Which personally is a goal I think will turn out to be pointless. So I’m not about to give up any cash, and not just because I’m a reporter-type person who never gives to such causes.

Actually, it would be more accurate to brand me a cheapskate than say I’m taking a principled stand. But even though I’m amongst the ranks of those displeased with the behavior of our nation’s 45th chief executive, I realize that the Republican leadership in Congress isn’t about to dump on the guy whose presence gives them the potential for total domination of our federal government.
Do you really think Las Vegas ...

If the House of Representatives were to vote to impeach and the Senate were to preside over a trial, it would be because the conservative ideologues in charge there would think Trump isn’t being irrational enough in his political thought.

So Impeaching Trump, for those of us with a touch of rationality in our thought, just isn’t worth our time or money.

NOT THAT I’M saying we ought to blindly be following The Donald’s lead. We ought to be letting him know at every opportunity that he does not speak for the majority of our society.
... and Bernie Sanders go well together?

Which is the focus of another pair of e-mails I have received during the past couple of days from the Democratic National Committee – one from the party itself and another from new Chairman Tom Perez.

It seems in exchange for my contribution of as little as $3 (or as much as $100, or more, if I wish), I can be entered in a contest of sorts along with other Democratic Party faithful.

The prize? An all-expense-paid trip to Las Vegas (and NOT the one in Illinois – remember the old “Green Acres” episode?) where one can participate in a Come Together and Fight Back rally with Perez and (drumroll, please!!!) Sen. Bernie Sanders.

HE BEING THE Democratic Socialist who, after years of trying to maintain his distance from the Democratic Party, decided he wanted the party’s presidential nomination.

Or, he being the guy who couldn’t even beat Hillary Clinton in the primary – even though there are some political operatives who want to spin the line that Clinton was the candidate so weak she couldn’t even beat Donald Trump come the November general election.
Should 5 percent appear too small, be thankful I don't take it all

The party claims they’ll pay the flight and hotel costs of someone to participate in the rally – getting to see the political process in action. Although to tell the truth, the idea of spending time in Las Vegas with the senator from Vermont seems less than enticing.

Even if the IRS (and the Illinois Department of Revenue) weren’t about to take my spare money, I think I would have no problem taking a pass on either of these offers. While I now turn to the wise words of wisdom of George Harrison.


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