Saturday, April 15, 2017

Politicos try to score points off tax returns; even the president in his refusal

We’re coming up on Tax Day and I expect we’re going to hear our share of political rhetoric lambasting and praising President Donald Trump for continuing to tell the American people to “stuff it” if they want to see his tax returns.
TRUMP: Still thinks taxes are 'nunaya' business

Personally, I’m not going to get so worked up – I realize we have a president who’s not interested in making the usual gestures of openness to the public and probably doesn’t want us knowing exactly how much more wealthy he is than the bulk of us.

BECAUSE THAT MIGHT be the final straw that would make many of the so-called working people who voted for him realize how ridiculous their presumptions about him were.

Besides, I also have to admit that even when government officials do release their returns, it’s usually because there are circumstances that they wish to exploit.

They’re doing so for their own political gain. Not because of any sense that they’re exposing themselves to the sunshine of truth and honesty and all that other good-government rhetoric.

If anything, Trump’s telling of the American people to “drop dead” on this issue might well be the most honest thing a government official can say. It shows us his arrogance, rather than us having to make us all dizzy with his political “spin.”

I CAME TO that realization on Friday when I learned how state Sen. Daniel Biss, D-Evanston, who also is one of the people seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for governor.
BISS: Poor little legislator

He released the return he filed for 2016 to show just how far his income as a state senator had declined – an adjusted gross income of just over $32,500 even though in past years he had income in the range of $55,000.

But let’s not forget this past year was one in which state legislators had their own paychecks delayed because of the lack of a state government budget to authorize such payments.

Now, we can see for ourselves just what a financial blow the politicking over our state budget has had on the poor individual lawmakers. How sad!

I DO HAVE to admit that if I had to take a $20,000 shortfall in my income, it would be a financial blow. It would hurt. My guess is that Biss wants us all to feel similar sentiment.
Picasso to be surrounded by Trump tax rally

I’m also guessing that gubernatorial candidates J.B. Pritzker, Chris Kennedy and Ameya Pawar (all of whom have told the Capitol Fax newsletter they will be releasing their tax returns in coming days) will find similar ways to make political statements placing themselves in the most favorable light.

Even Gov. Bruce Rauner is most likely to find a way to make himself look good and somehow bear a resemblance to the masses of Illinois on whose behalf he wishes to govern for four more years.

It’s just the kind of cheap rhetoric that can make this time of year most annoying for a political reporter-type person. All the self-serving talk being spewed about!

WHICH KIND OF makes me wonder if we should be thankful that Trump, in his eternal sense of arrogance, isn’t giving us a load of political B.S. to contemplate. There really are limits to how much we, the people, should have to put up with. Which is why some of us will gather Saturday at rallies across the country, including in Chicago's Daley Plaza, along with suburban Naperville and in Chesterton, Ind.

Even though we can wonder how Trump is clueless enough to realize he’s missing a significant chance to humanize himself – and possibly detract from the reports coming out trashing himself and first lady Melania for the lack of activity to prepare for the White House Lawn Easter Egg hunt that has been a D.C. tradition for generations.
Image remains relevant all these yrs later

Although humanizing Trump could just be an impossible task, because the man gives us so many other examples of his unfitness for the office to which 46 percent of the electorate was able to anoint him to last year.

And now, I must turn my attention to my own tax returns – which I must admit that I haven’t even started as of the point in time I’m writing this commentary. It’s a good thing the Easter holiday weekend gives us a few extra days until Tuesday’s Tax Day deadline!


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