Saturday, February 20, 2016

Let’s offer some praise to only entity that’s shown any sense in Cruz battle

There is one entity thus far that has shown any sense with regards to the ongoing controversy over whether Texas senator Ted Cruz is eligible to serve as U.S. president.

CRUZ: Still on the ballot
Our very own Illinois State Board of Elections heard a complaint saying that Cruz should not be on the Republican primary ballot come March 15 because he’s really a Canadian – even though his mother is as clearly a U.S. citizen as anyone can be, and she (unfortunately for us) conveyed that sense of entitlement to her son, Teodoro.

OUR VERY OWN state election officials had the sense to quickly dismiss the complaint; the action that resulted in the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court in which oral arguments were heard on Friday.

Of course, there was no ruling of any sort by Judge Maureen W. Kirby in large part because the man who brought about the legal action says he can’t afford to remain in Chicago to deal with the legal wrath he wrought.

In fact, he says he can’t come back to the Daley Center courthouse until early March. All of which makes me think this lawsuit has nothing to do with the legal merits over whether Cruz qualifies as a “natural born citizen” to run for the U.S. presidency.

This crock of a legal issue is something the ideologues want to prolong just as they did the whole argument over whether Barack Obama was really born within the United States.

IT IS SOMETHING they want to toss about to cast aspersions on the senator from Texas (as though there aren’t enough legitimate reasons to think he’s unfit, the ideologues want to make stuff up).

To that end, being able to say a case is pending in the courts that challenges Cruz’ campaign legitimacy is to their benefit. They can use the case’s existence as a piece of hard fact to justify their ongoing arguments.

But the instance judge Kirby comes up with a ruling, it hurts the ideologues. Gee, the judge may actually wind up concluding that the ideologues calling Cruz a Canadian (when he’s more Cubano than anything else) are wrong.

Why do I suspect Picasso statue giggled at thought of legal nonsense that was spewed in court on Friday?
Admittedly, the ideologues would then take the case to an appellate court and start the legal appeals to try to drag this out through the 2016 campaign cycle. But it would be a loss for them.

SO DO I particularly take seriously the existence of this lawsuit – one in which a man who lives near Belvidere in rural northern Illinois is basing a case on the argument that having citizenship from birth because of one’s mother is NOT the same as being a U.S.-born citizen.

Even though my mind cannot comprehend how they aren’t the same. From the day he was born, Cruz was able to stake a claim to U.S. citizenship. Even if his mother physically was in the Alberta, Canada city of Calgary at the moment she went into labor.

To claim otherwise makes one look foolish. And winds up strengthening the presidential case for Cruz – who is more than capable of looking like a fool without anyone else’s help.

But the ideologues want to prolong this nonsense issue, just as how some of them persist in arguing that Obama is less than legitimate in their eyes.

SO WE HAD no ruling Friday on Cruz’ status. Not that anyone should have expected it. This is not the kind of issue that gets resolved in a courtroom in the shadow of that Picasso statue.

OBAMA: The same, but different
This is an issue that will not be resolved by the courts at all. Certain people are going to be determined to believe whatever form of ideological nonsense they want to spew. This will be ongoing regardless of what any court decides.

Perhaps even if Cruz were to somehow win the presidency. They’d still throw the nonsense issue into his face, perhaps even from their new homes in Canada that they'll threaten to move to if Election '16 doesn't go their way.

Only somehow, I’d like to think that Calgary already feels fortunate enough not to have to claim Cruz as a native son, and would probably turn away these ideologue nincompoops as well.


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