Monday, February 15, 2016

It’s Presidents Day; and many of us seem eager to dump all over the office

I don’t know what to think of the fact that Monday is a federal government holiday where we’re supposed to honor the concept of the U.S. presidency, yet most of us seem more interested in showing nothing but contempt.

OBAMA: Most hated since Clinton, or Lincoln?
That is the impression I gained during the weekend when it seemed that most people were interested in nothing more than dumping their ideological hang-ups onto the office we once used to seriously refer to as the “Leader of the Free World.”

BARACK OBAMA IS in a position these days where he is supposed to fulfill one of his constitutional obligations – picking a new member of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Yet the conservative ideologues are going on and on about how Obama has no business even thinking of trying to fill the post. The Senate’s Republican leader let it be known he’s prepared to ignore the issue – which is important because the Senate has to confirm any appointment the president tries to make.

And when Obama on Saturday said he plans to make an appointment no matter what anyone else says, there are those who put the spin on this act that Obama is the one who’s provoking a dispute with the United States Senate.

Of course, I’m sure there are those who are going to argue that the actions of former President George W. Bush came under similar contempt from his ideological opponents.

THERE ALSO ARE those who think that the image of Ronald Reagan deserves something close to deification, and are quick to lambast anyone who dares give “the Gipper” anything less than complete admiration.

REAGAN: Hating on haters?
We’re a long way from thinking of the White House occupant as someone worthy of respect. Heck, the only thing I’m sure about with regards to the 2016 presidential election cycle is that regardless of who actually wins, there are going to be some seriously peeved people in this country.

And if the cheap threats bear any truth, there are going to be many fewer residents of this country come 2017. The only real question is, “Where would they move to?”

BUSH: Fans were Obama critics
Our politically partisan nature has become so intense that we just can’t think of any of the recent occupants of the presidency as being the holders of the same post once occupied by Abraham Lincoln.

LINCOLN: One of few worth remembering
WHOM I REALIZE came under hostile rhetoric during his own lifetime, and only became worshipped so intensely because of the circumstances of his death. How long until someone someday says something should be put into writing specifying that President’s Day does not include any recognition of Barack Obama – that’s the direction we’re headed in as a society.

So I really don’t think anyone is enjoying their day off from work or school (or more likely having to work anyway while also agonizing about what to do with the kids whom they have to arrange day care for because they’re not in school) and giving any serious thoughts as to our president.

Or probably not even remembering a past presidential figure.

If anything, there’s the chance that most people are thinking that this holiday is the one that came the day after the holiday that really concerned them – Valentine’s Day.

The 'true' meaning of President's Day
OR MAYBE THEY’RE the types who will see Monday as an excuse to buy a sale-priced mattress or dresser, or maybe take advantage of loan rates from a credit union advertised in the Chicago Sun-Times as, “some of the lowest in the nation.”

If anything, that may be the true meaning of President’s Day. Unless you happen to be like me – a freelance writer whose paychecks are sent to me through the U.S. mail and are timed to arrive at the week’s beginning.

And since this is a federal holiday, there is no U.S. mail delivery on Monday. So my potential payday gets pushed back a day to Tuesday – unless the postal service gets a little slow and I have to wait a day or two longer.

Somehow, getting paid late seems like all-to-appropriate way to commemorate the presidential post.


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