Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Guns or your money -- which action will offend the ideologues the most?

A pair of actions were announced this week that I’m sure will set off the irrational mode of the conservative ideologues of our society. I’m just not sure which one will bother them the most.

Will people blame president on guns, ...
Will it be the fact that President Barack Obama announced his desire to use executive order powers to implement a series of measures meant to better control who can purchase a firearm?

OR WILL IT be the fact that the Illinois Department of Revenue has said that in the interest of reducing tax fraud, it is going to slow up the process by which the state pays out tax returns owed to people!

On the one hand, we’re talking guns. We’re talking about people who really are irrational enough to think that their ability to own a pistol is the key to our national defense (they probably do fantasize about the day when they can shoot to kill some jihadist whom they think will come trampling through their tulips on his way to taking over the nation).

But then again, it’s our money. The money that the state contends was overcharged when taxes were withheld and that they are nearly returning.

While some people (including myself) are tax procrastinators, I do know some people who insist on filing their tax returns electronically the moment they get their W-2 forms so they can get the return payments immediately.

IT IS POSSIBLE to get a return wired into one’s bank account by the end of January, depending on how quickly one reacts.

Or at least it WAS possible. But not anymore.

For the Illinois Department of Revenue said this week they’re not making any return payments until at least March 1. And for people who wait, they can probably count on an additional couple of weeks added to the amount of time it takes to process a tax return.

... or state for outrage over our tax returns?
State officials admit they want to “slow down” the process and make sure certain information matches. They say it is meant to reduce the number of erroneous payments that are caused by trying to process so many returns at once.

CONCERN FOR OUR safety and to reduce fraud. It sounds nice? But let’s be honest, There will be those who want to rant.

I’ve already read some Internet diatribes about how this is a plot by the government to deprive the people of their money. Many have said this is a conspiracy by Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago.

Or Gov. Bruce Rauner, depending on one’s political partisanship and who exactly it is you are inclined to want to criticize. Regardless, it’s someone’s fault, and they want that person to pay.

Even though I have never understood the big deal for those who want to file early. The payment gets made eventually, and you don’t get a financial bonus for filing early. Then again, as a freelance writer who has no one withholding tax payments on his behalf, for me Tax Day is when I have to publicly acknowledge what I owe – then figure out how to pay up.

A PROCESS THAT always takes up every bit of time I can get.

But there also will be those raging about the president’s announcement related to firearms. As though more background checks on people wishing to buy a firearm is really that outlandish an idea.

Who's kidding whom? They'll blame Obama for all!
Or provisions for spending more federal funds on treating mental illness and insuring that those of us who are not quite stable have a tougher time getting their hands on a pistol or rifle. That ought to be a common-sense idea, except that Obama proposed it so they’re ready to demonize it.

Then again, it probably will be the same people complaining about both measures – largely because they feel the need to complain about something. In this case, the fact that they’ll have to wait a little longer to get that tax return they wanted to use to buy themselves another weapon for protection against the Communist/Islamist horde they’re convinced is headed this way.


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