Thursday, January 21, 2016

366 days – I’m sure some bothered by Leap Year giving Obama extra day

One more year is all Barack Obama has to get something lasting done.

OBAMA: Seven down, one to go
Sure enough, it will be 365 days from Thursday that Obama will cease to be president, and whichever of the mediocrities currently seeking their political party’s presidential nomination who manages to win the November general election will be taking the oath of office.

I FOUND IT interesting to read an e-mail message sent to me Wednesday morning. Bearing the signature “Barack Obama,” it urged me to consider voting for candidates who would be sympathetic to the goals he tried to achieve during his seven years in office.

Because it is certain there are some candidates who are making their appeal to the voters based on the idea that they will try to eradicate any evidence of Obama’s existence from our laws and our history books.

If anything, I can’t help but wonder what they would attack first. Most likely the things that were imposed trough executive order – because all the new president would have to do is rescind the old order and replace it with one of his own doing the opposite.

This is a typical move. George W. Bush killed off some Bill Clinton initiatives, many of which were restored early on by Obama.

THE POLITICAL PARTISAN nature of our government has turned us into a political yo-yo. Up and down, back and forth, no stability – which is part of why our society is such a mess.

Immigration and the minor moves that Obama tried to impose on his own because Congress won’t give permanence to any serious reform of our nation’s policies are a likely first target.

In fact, a Republican president could truly give reality to the biggest fears of some non-citizens living in this country – that those who complied with the Obama measure and registered themselves will have merely provided a hostile federal government with a list of the first people to be deported.

Setting themselves up for their own demise. Which will be the likely reason the Latino vote will go for the Democrat – no matter what form of nonsense Donald Trump or Ted Cruz tries to spew about how they will be competitive for those votes.

EVEN THOUGH MANY Latinos are still laughing at Hillary Clinton comparing herself to a Latina granny, or the fact that Bernie Sanders of Vermont has probably never been exposed to Latinos of any significant number in his life!

Of course, there’s the fact the Supreme Court of the United States is taking it upon itself to hear arguments on this issue – which means the high court could wind up striking down the measure before Obama leaves office.

That is, if people like Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas get their way. Not that I think the high court legitimizing the president’s actions would make a difference to Republican partisans – whose opposition to issues is rarely based on reason and logic.

There’s also the fight over the Affordable Care Act, which got Congressional approval and Supreme Court backing. But the ideologues still don’t want this president to have an achievement for his legacy.

I EXPECT THE fight to repeal this issue will be the dominant battle during the upcoming year of the Obama presidency. Certainly more so than Obama actually being capable of accomplishing anything else of substance.

A fight to maintain the status-quo, which didn’t particularly accomplish much – although I’d argue that Obama was mostly too weak to stand up to a political opposition he should have seen coming from Day One. They were, after all, hostile towards his very existence even before he began campaigning in late 2007.

One more year before the transition – some 365 days from now because of this February has a 29th and is a Leap Year, leading to Jan. 20, 2017 being Inauguration Day.

And before anyone gets all worked up about Obama getting an extra day to his presidency, keep in mind that every president’s four-year term includes a Leap Day. So keep your traps shut and quit showing us just why you take people like Trump and his possible cabinet member, Sarah Palin (who couldn't even be bothered to show up at his recent Iowa campaign event) at all seriously!


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